Trying anal with Mitasha

Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Rohan 29 single average build and was called a nerd at school. I did really good at school then university and ended up with a great job and career. My only sibling Mitasha 26 was struggling with university and was endanger of failing her subjects. She was a […]

My evil plan began-3

I decided to save the last 50 pills, you know in case i run into somene super hot that i got to have in my books, and i recruited the other 150 for me to have now. One day Disha wasnt home and it was day time on a Sunday morning, I felt extremely horny […]

My evil plan began-2

Anyways, my house had 3 rooms, i would chose 3 of the 7 every night to sleep with me in my master bedroom and the other 4 would sleep in the other 2 rooms. I was cumming inside of them 5-6 times a day, by the end of their week i had fucked each one […]

My evil plan began-1

Hi readers, I hope you are doing great. Today I am here with my awesome story. Let me start now. I work as a researcher for a big pharmaceutical lab. In my line of work I study basically the effects of drugs that my big corporations make. I am the final person before the drug […]

I fucked my aunt really hard

Hi everyone, how are you doing? My mother Komal 37 is very shy and a quiet woman by nature, easygoing and her older sister Priya 40 is a right bitch. Ever since I can remember, Priya was always running my mother down. My father cleared off when I was 9 and Komal raised me by […]

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