A night in hospital with bhabhi part 1

Hi everyone,

I am Adnan (lovingly called Dani) from Lahore, Pakistan. This is my very first post on any forum for that matter. I hope all of you will bear with me for my poor narrative skills. The quality that stands out in me is that I have a very high definition memory which does not let the incidents and events that I experience fade away.

This is a blessing that helped me go through my studies comfortably, but at times it can be highly frustrating when I am trying to forget something. Besides, I always feel incapable of expressing in words what I have gone through/ felt/ experienced which can in itself be pretty frustrating. However, I am going to try to narrate the events that took place on a fateful night last summer as best as I possible can.

I am a teacher by profession. One day, while I was sitting in my office, discussing a research project with a couple of students, one of my cousins, named Shahzad, who lives in Saudi Arabia, started calling me on skype. His calling me was not a surprise as he was not only my cousin but also my best friend. He would often called me to have a chit-chat and discuss our new adventures with some new chicks.

After all, being a teacher at the higher education organization has its associated benefits. However, at that particular moment, I was in no mood to take his call as I had students sitting in front of me discussing their research.

So, I ignored his call and remained busy with the students, but he kept calling a gain and again. Then I received a call from a foreign number on my mobile phone and it was Shahzad. He seemed quite worried. I asked my students to come later and asked him why he was worried.

He told me that his son, Talha, had had a diarrhea and was admitted in a hospital in Gujranwala. He was very perturbed as he was sitting thousands of miles away and could not do anything for his son. I was suddenly filled with compassion for him and promised him that I’ll immediately go to Gujranwala and take care of his son and that he should not consider himself absent etc.

Shahzad is the son of my father’s sister and he lived in a small village on the outskirts of Gujranwala. Of all his siblings, he is of my age, hence the close friendship between us. He has three sisters and two brothers but does not enjoy good relations with them for some reasons of which one is that since his mother, my phupho, lived with him, she would spend all the pension that she got as the widow of her husband on the household of Shahzad when the other siblings wished to get a share from that meagre pension.

He was married a couple of years ago to a very cute and cooperative lady named Afshan. Since we were best friends, Afshan bhabi became an instant friend of my wife and they would often talk on phone or through text messages. Physically, my wife is quite thin; whereas, Afshan bhabi has got the right amount of flesh at all the right places except her belly which slightly swelled after the birth of her son a couple of years ago.

The most important feature of her body is her ass which my wife does not have, and I being a great ass-lover, have fantasized about Afshan bhabi quite often. Another reason of my fantasies about Afshan bhabi is the frankness between me and Shahzad.

Although we talk about girls we have fucked and everything under the sky, we have an unspoken agreement never to explicitly discuss what happens inside our bedrooms with our wives. However, once a few weeks after his marriage, while he was still in Pakistan on his wedding leave, Shahzad asked me if I could suggest him some medicine for longer duration of sex.

I told him that this condition is called premature ejaculation and that he should consult a doctor, but he was too shy of having to discuss these matters with a doctor and never consulted a doctor. Once he told me that he would be sexually charged for a day or two after returning from Saudia but then his desire diminished and he would lose interest altogether after a few days.

I understood that this was a common problem for the people working abroad, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia where the availability of pussy is as rare as water in Sahara desert. So, they fuck their wives very hard and with little or no gap when they return to Pakistan and lose their intensity too soon. So, I realized that Afshan bhabi was not getting the amount of sex she deserved.

Coming back to that day, I wrapped up all my matters quickly and left the university for home. I packed a loose pair of trousers and a T-shirt and told my wife about the illness of Talha. She also wanted to accompany me, but was not sure what she would do with our own son, Ayan, who was even younger than Talha.

So, she advised me to keep in touch with her and I started my 70-odd kilometer drive towards Gujranwala. On m way to Gujranwala, I called Afshan bhabi on her cell phone and she was sobbing that her son was dehydrated and that he was having a saline drip.

I told her not to worry as I was well on my way to Gujranwala to be with her. She was quite relieved and happy to hear that because phupho, who had come with her was quite old and bringing all the medicines was becoming an issue. Besides, Talha was deeply attached to his grandmother and would not let her go away and Afshan Bhabi could not go out of hospital alone to bring medicines or other things. I asked her to text me the things she needed and I’ll bring them with me. I hung up after she told me the name of the hospital and the number of the private room they had hired in the paediatric ward.

When I reached the Private Room of a private hospital in Munir Chowk of Gujranwala, my phupho was very happy to see me and showered her blessings on me and prayed for my long life and kept talking about mine and Shahzad’s deep friendship.

Bhabi was busy taking care of Talha, who also recognized me and smiled weakly at me and wanted me to pick him, but Afshan Bhabi stopped him from getting up because that would disturb the branula in his hand. So, I went to his bed and started baby-talking to him and started moving my fingers in his hair.

Bhabi seemed very pleased at my arrival. She told me that she had called her own parents in Faisalabad who wanted to come immediately but she stopped them from coming when she came to know I was coming. I was happy and told her that she had done the correct thing. Talha seemed much better because the saline drip was rehydrating him. I was relieved to see him doing better.

In the evening, the doctor came and I discussed the condition of the kid with him. He believed that the baby was definitely getting better, but it was better to keep him in the hospital for a night or two. Two nights seemed out of question because these private hospitals are very expensive but staying for a night was advisable.

So, I arranged for their dinner, brought some toys for Talha and the medicines the doctor had prescribed. Bhabi insisted on paying me, but I had to refuse firmly. We all had dinner in a very light mood which was a direct result of the kid getting better after spending an anxious night.

About half an hour, my phupho, who was lying with Talha who had already slept also fell asleep and I could hear her snoring soon. The room had two beds, one for the patient and the other one for the attendant and they were arranged along the walls of the small room at right angles.

My phupho and Talha were lying on a bed north-to-south and the other bed was arranged east-to-west. Both beds were aligned at the North-western side. So, my phupho, who was sleeping with her head towards North could not see the bed behind her unless she turned her head back.

Bhabi, while explaining to me the reasons for phupho’s early sleeping, told that phupho had not slept the last night because Talha had had a very bad night and she remained busy with him. I had no issues with that. She asked me to take the reserve bed but I refused because I knew that she had also not slept the night before and I wanted her to sleep on that bed.

After lots of quiet arguments, she agreed to sleep till mid-night and then I could sleep. It was quite convenient for me. So, she fell asleep the moment she lied on the bed. I called my wife, told him about the condition of Talha and she warned me against looking at the nurses etc and then we disconnected. I went to my car, brought the charger of my mobile and started playing a game on my mobile.

Later I changed into the loose trousers and T-shirt which I had brought with me and started playing the game again. I thought of turning off the light but then my eyes fell on my sleeping bhabi who looked very innocent and sexy while sleeping.

It was the first time I was able to see her asleep because whenever I visited their home, my wife would accompany me and I did not get a chance to see her sleeping. So, I deferred my decision to turn off the light and started a survey of Afshan Bhabi instead.

Since she was lying on her side facing me, her curve from her hips over to her waist immediately caught my attention and I marvelled at the steepness of the curve which meant that her waist was extremely thin and her hips and ass were very broad.

My dick started swelling in my trousers and since I was not wearing any underwear, I would have found it difficult to hide it if any of the ladies had woken up. However I let my dick dangle around because I knew none of them would wake up unless the baby stirred who was himself sleeping soundly. Then a naughty curiosity overpowered me.

i wanted to know what color bra was Afshan Bhabi was wearing. I could not make it out from her greenish colored clothes, so I got up from my chair and after making sure that both ladies were sound asleep, went close to bhabi and tried to look inside her shirt collar.

She was wearing a skin color bra which is quite popular among eastern ladies. After confirming the color of her bra, I returned to my chair and started comparing her with my wife. She was definitely better built than my wife. My wife had a problem with lubrication.

She would hardly get wet even after an hour of foreplay. As much as she was dry, so much I loved fucking hard, and it resulted in internal swelling of her vagina. So we started using some lubricants suggested by our gynaecologist. I wondered if my wife had shared this thing with bhabi? I thought yes she must have discussed it with her given their talking in low tones and giggling whenever they were alone.

I stood up and went to the other side of the bed to inspect her ass. It was really wide and fleshy. I wanted to take my dick out and stick it between her ass cheeks right then and there. Afshan Bhabi looked so sexy that an overpowering urge to touch her consumed me, but despite the strong urge, I could not touch her. Afraid of waking her up or arousing suspicion, I returned back to my seat. I looked at Talha and Phupho and found them sleeping peacefully.

Then I turned off the light and resumed my sitting position which was not a very comfortable arrangement. For stretching my legs, I took my chair close to Bhabi’s bed and sprawled my legs on her bed while sitting in the chair.

I did not know what to do and how will this night pass, so I started playing the game once again. After about half an hour, bhabi stirred and opened her eyes and asked me what time it was and I told her that it was going to be about 1:00 am.

She asked me to come and sleep on the bed. I asked her where she will sleep and she said that she will sleep on the floor. They had neither brought any kind of cloth sheets nor any mattress which could be spread on the floor. Sleeping on the naked floor was going to be very inconvenient.

So, I asked her to keep sleeping and that I was pretty good with my legs spread on the bed. Reassured momentarily by my reply, she went to sleep again, but got up again and was upset that I was going to be sitting the whole night.

I again reassured her and she was so sleepy that she slept again without much argument. Suddenly the possibility of sleeping with her made my breath grow faster. No matter how remote a possibility it looked, I decided not to let her sleep on the floor vacating the bed for me. I wanted to see how far would it go? Will she invite me to sleep beside her? With all these possibilities in my mind, I resumed my game.

A ray of light was coming from the corridor and it was very quiet except for the sound of the air conditioner and light snoring of my phupho. My mind was racing, grappling with different possibilities. One part of my mind wanted me to go and grab her ass stick my dick inside her pussy, whereas the other, saner part of my mind wanted me to wait for a chance.

The former was a dangerous option as she might resist and in the process wake up my phupho and the latter option demanded a huge amount of patience. I also wondered why I was thinking about my bhabi in such a way when I had a wife at home, then another voice inside me asked me about a number of my female students I had fucked even after being married and I had no answer to that voice.

I was also feeling guilty that I had such ideas about the wife of a cousin who trusted me more than his own real brothers, but the phallic power overpowered all other arguments and I was getting mad to fuck her hard.

I don’t know how much time had passed when bhabi stirred again. She sat up blearey-eyed and said I should come on the bed. I again refused but she was not satisfied with my answer and insisted that I should come. Then she said, “ap is taraf late jayen” (you should lie on this side) pointing to one side of the bed.

I could not believe what she was saying and asked her what she said. She said I should sleep there pointing to one side of her bed. In order to confirm if she meant the same that I was understanding, I asked her where will she sleep.

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