Arun’s incest experience

Last year I went on holiday with my extended family, the families get together every five years and it takes a lot of planning. In all there 62 of us, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents. It all started after world war 2 and the different parts of our family got together to give thanks to those who came back and to remember those who didn’t return.

After that first time, it was decided to do again and then again. It takes five years to arrange for the next one, It has become a tradition in our family. Nobody misses the family holiday, my grandfather Henry was to have an operation and he delayed it to attend the family holiday. In my family, we were told if we didn’t want to attend the family holiday we had to get permission from grandma Priya.

Priya is a sweet woman most of the time, but when my older brother Karan wanted to miss the last family holiday, well I don’t know what she said to him. But he turned up with everyone else and won’t even think about asking to miss another one. My father Jatin’s sister Joan was expecting a baby around the time of a family holiday and she didn’t even think about missing it.

I’m Arun 22 single and work with my father in his building business, I’m not the party type, as a child my grandfather Henry got me into model trains and I’ve taken over the whole basement with them since. I’m a loner and on our last family holiday, I started to keep to myself as is usual for me. But my cousin Shipra 19 had different plans for me, we are the two odd ones. Too young for the other adults and old for young members of the families. My older Karan 28 is the closest in age to us, but he is married and has his own family now.

Shipra wanted to go out and see the sites but wasn’t going to do it by herself, that’s where I came in and I had my drivers license. I went along with her and led took me to nightclubs and a concert and after the concert, we drove to the beach and to look at the sea. It was late and the night air was cold and we soon retreated to the car. She cuddled up to me and I got aroused and she noticed, I expected her to upset or shocked with me. But she wanted to see my hard cock, I let her open my trousers.

She freed my cock and started to play with it, then she started to stroke it. I told I would need it lubricated or the fiction would burn it, so she started to suck it and when I was about to cum I told her and she took it all in her mouth. I expect her to spit it out, but she swallowed it. Then she said I should get her off as she had done me, so we got into the back seat and I went down on her and after I got her off. We return to our hotel, the next day at breakfast. She wanted to go for a long drive just the two of us, I agreed thinking I might another blowjob from Shipra.

We headed off and ended up at Nature park and parked in a secluded area and started to talk about the happenings the night before. Shipra asked if I had any condoms with me and I did have some. Then she asked would I like to have sex with her and I said yes and so we started kissing and cuddling and then I fucked her. I was her first lover and she mine, I used a condom and it broke during the sex and I left my seed inside her. The condoms were old one I had got from a vending machine years before, anyway, what’s done is done as they say.

So we headed back to the hotel and told our mothers first what had happened, they weren’t as angry as I expected and then they told our fathers. Jatin said I would have to do the right thing by Shipra if she got pregnant, Shipra’s father Patrick said only if that what Shipra wants. Our respective grandparents were thought was great, especially Henry who reckoned we were suited for each other. I really didn’t know what I want at that time, Shipra likewise I think. Anyway the following day Shipra and I were talking and I told her I really liked her a lot.

She just said Ditto and so we went off and had sex again, no condom. By the time the holiday was over, we had sex six times and had decided we would marry regardless of her getting pregnant. The whole was happy for us, we’re second cousins Henry explained to us and that alright as far the family is concerned. But is it still incest, I don’t know or care.

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