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Story of Vijay

Hi friends, I’m the last of my family, My parents died 4 years ago and my only sibling died last year. He liked motorcycles and had a crash and he died. He had been on drugs at the time, so at 23 I was the last of my family. Going thru the family photo albums […]

Sex with father’s sister Parul-2

I tired of the rejections and the whole business around meeting girls I replied. You can’t have had that many rejections, have you ever been with a girl she asked. Once and I paid for it, I’m not the greatest looker I answered. Rubbish if I was younger and not your aunt I would be […]

Sex with father’s sister Parul-1

Hi readers, how are you all? This story is about Parul. My fathers sister Parul is the youngest of his family and never married. At 45 she is 5’3″ and runs a Rose nursery. Sell flowers to the florists around the state and interstate, Roses are her favorite flower and she has lot of different […]

I fucked Komal and Shipra

I Lalit 24 single and live with my divorced mother Komal 42, I’m her only child. My mother youngest sister Shipra 35 is single and a spinster according to Komal. Never been fucked or in any relationship with a man. She is a quiet person who works in a university library as a researcher. She […]

Sex with sexy Nisha aunty-2

It was about noon when I got up and Nisha was asleep, I rang and ordered Lunch for both of us and had a shower. I finished my shower and had dressed, went Nisha awoke. I told her lunch wouldn’t be long and went to have another shower. Room service arrived about the time Nisha […]

Sex with sexy Nisha aunty-1

Hi friends, how are you doing? I’m Lalit 28 and work computer game programming, I doing very and making very good money. I decided to taking a holiday last November and went to the Mumbai. While I was there I would up my favorite aunt. Nisha 36 single work as an editor for a magazine, […]

My father’s sister Priya

I was a orphan at age 9, my parents both died in a train accident. I ended up with my fathers sister Priya then 35 single and in and out of relationships. She took good care of me and as years passed, she found it harder to find a partner. She never had children of […]

My sexy aunt Parul

I grew up in the country and went off to university and after stayed in the city to work. Last year I returned to the family farm for a family wedding. While there I looked around to see how much had changed. Not much a all, while I was out and about I came across […]

Sex story of my aunt

I’m Prabhat now 80, born July 1938. I was a sickly child and was kept away from people till I was 11 and had grown out of the illnesses that had affected me when I was younger. I was shy around most people and kept to myself. When I was 20 and working in the […]

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