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I was single when i met Komal.she was divorced.she is 45yrs old.she had 2 beautiful daughters.Shipra and Shubhi.Shipra was a 20yr old blonde with a curvy body.36d tits and a big round ass.Shubhi was totally different.she was 19yrs old.skinny.her tits were so small with puffy nipples.her ass was also small.but they were both so bitchy as same.let me give you a little intro about me.i am steve.43yrs old.medium size body.i had a 9 inch big cock.

i met Komal at a party and we got along so well we married.i moved in with her to her 2 storey house with a pool.which she got from her husband after the divorce settlements.things were working perfectly.except my daughters that gave me a hard time.i loved Komal she was the best wife ever and also she was so good in thing that bothered me was pool times.

when Shipra and Shubhi came swimming in there bikinis.specially Shipra.i always have to hide my hardon.even Komal may have noticed but she never said anything.oneday my stepdaughters got me so angry i sweared that i would get i planned on what to do.Komal was working at a company and sometimes had to go out of town for 2 or 3 days.this time Komal had to go out of town for 2 days.time to put my plan into action.

i put sleeping pills in their dinner and they fell asleep.i tied both of them butt naked on my master bed.they looked so sexy.i sprinkled some eater on their face and they woke up.they were scared when they saw them tied naked.they started to plead and cry begging to let them go.i told them this is the revenge for making my life hell.they were tied legs spreaded.i got between Shipra’s legs and licked her pussy.

it was so sweet and delicious.i did the same to Shubhi.i kissed their lips then neck.i sucked Shipra’s big tits then Shubhi’s small tits but hard puffy nipples.i got my cock out and offered it to Shipra and she refused to suck it.i slapped her not so hard and she opened her mouth.i fucked her mouth cock was very thick so it didnt go very far in.i fucked her mouth slowly.then i fucked Shubhi’s mouth also.then i fucked Shipra’s titties before going down and slowly i slided my cock in her pussy.

i knew they were both not virgins they had boyfriends so obviously they were getting fucked.Shipra’s pussy was so tight i had to push hard to get my cock in her pussy.then i fucked her pussy sucking her big tits.Shubhi was watching with big Shipra was moaning i knew she was liking the fucking she was getting.i fucked Shipra hard and fast Shipra was cumming like crazy and squirting cum.i pulled my cock off her pussy and told them i was going to untie them but if they tried anything things will not be good.i untied both of them.

i knew now that Shipra was in the spell of my big cock.Shipra came to me and sucked my cock and offered my cock to Shubhi and she also sucked my cock.they sucked cock before but maybe this was the biggest cock they handled.they were having difficulty in getting all of my cock in their mouth.then i laid Shubhi on the edge of the bed and made Shipra eat her pussy.Shipra ate Shubhi’s pussy and i knew this wasnt the 1st pussy Shipra have eaten.then Shipra took hold of my cock and aimed my cock at her sisters pussy.then i inserted my cock in her pussy and it was much tighter than Shipra’s Shipra sat her ass on her sisters face.

so now i was fucking Shubhi’s pussy and Shubhi was eating Shipra’s big ass.i fucked her hard and fast.she was also cumming squirting like her sister.then i aimed my cock at her ass and rubbed my cock at the entrance on her asshole.Shubhi knew what was about to come.and she started to cry and beg to pls not to fuck her ass.but Shipra started to eat and finger fuck her sisters ass until she was loose enough.then Shipra helped my cock into her Shubhi’s was so so tight.slowly inch by inch my big cock was now fully impaled in her tiny tight ass.

1st i fucked her ass in a slow rythm but after a while i just fucked the shit out of her she was moaning hard.all thewhile Shipra was in 69 position with Shubhi eating each others pussy.then i got Shipra into doggy position and made Shubhi eat her sisters Shubhi ate and fingered her sisters ass.then i just slided my cock in Shipra’s ass and it went in smoothly.

later i found out that Shipra was a real anal freak.she likes anal sex more than vaginal her boyfriend always fucks her ass i fucked Shipra’s ass for about 10 minutes and came on her big ass.big globs of cum splashed on her ass.then i made Shubhi clean all the cum from her sisters ass with her mouth.then Shipra took some cum from her sisters mouth.they shared my cum and swallowed.

after i could say anything they said they wont tell their mom anything if i promise to fuck them when ever their moms not home and i agreed.we fucked in every corner of the house before Komal returned home.but even after that both my stepdaughters couldnt get enough of my big cock.i just cant ignore my stepdaughters so i just fuck their juicy holes when ever we are alone.

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