Sex in the family

This incident dates back several years when I was in my final year of college. My cousin Manasi was also with me in LSR hostel and we both used to get along very well. The college was closing in winters for a short break and

we decided to go to bombay to take the 3 night star cruise. We told our guardian’s of our plan and they agreed. Their two grown-up sons also were keen to do the cruise and so the four of us left the next day.

We reached bombay and a few hours later were on-board the ship. Me and manasi took one cabin and the boys shared the one next to ours. The first night was fun, drinking and chatting and we were all very relaxed in each others company.

When the strip show started late in the night, we girls excused ourselves even though the boys kept insisting that we watch with them. Once in the cabin, manasi said it seems that the boys are looking to have some fun with us.

But they are our cousins, I exclaimed! Oh! how does that matter sonia, said manasi. Anyways, we changed into our flimsy lingeries and went to bed. The thought of the boys feeling and fondling me got me excited and I began to feel horny.

I turned to face manasi and saw her looking at me and smiling, as if she had read my mind. She brought her fingers to my face and started to caress me slowly. Then she moved closer and her lips closed over mine, sucking at my lips.

Her hand moved over my breast causing the nipple to swell. She pinched it lightly and moved her hand lower towards my pussy. I opened my legs and she began to rub my pussy which was already wet with desire.

She broke the kiss and sat up to remove her lingerie and her beautiful breasts with their full erect nipples came into view. I too struggled out of my night wear and we were totally nude. Let me tell you guys, we both have nice shapely bodies with similar 34D breasts.

Now I took control, pushed manasi on the bed and began to lick and suck her nipples. She started to moan and guided my fingers to her wet snatch. I rubbed her pussy while sucking her nipples and then inserted two fingers in her pussy.

As I continued to slide my fingers in her, she climaxed and her juices started to flow. I continued to finger fuck her and when she was spent pulled my fingers out and we both licked them clean. Then I climbed on top of her and positioned my pussy near her face.

She took hold of my thighs and began to lick my pussy. She is better than any guy when it comes to pussy licking and I was in heaven. I began to squeeze my nipples and soon I climaxed and she licked my pussy clean.

We came back into each others arms and I softly caressed her breasts while her fingers tugged gently at my pussy hair. We heard the sound of footsteps and the cabin door being opened. The cousins or lets say potential fuckers were back.

Without saying a word, both of us got up and put on our flimsy night wear. We tip-toed out of our cabin and knocked at their door. Sanju opened the door and his mouth fell open. We stepped inside and so was the look on aryan’s face.

Well, what else do you expect from 20 year old boys who are seeing two young shapely girls wearing thin lingeries which clearly showed the outline of their breasts and nipple protrusions and ended a little below the hips.

We smiled at them and moved towards the sofa and settled down. Arent you guys going to offer us some drinks, I asked. Aryan said sure and pulled out glasses and scotch and fixed drinks for all of us. So how was the show asked manasi,

and instantly the boys knew it was going to be their lucky night. The girls were okay they said, but nothing like the two of you. I looked at manasi and smiled and took my hand to her breasts and gently started to squueze them.

I took a big gulp of my drink and looked at the guys. Their eyes were riveted on us and the bulge in their pants was for all to see. I put my drink down and slid the strap of my lingerie to expose a bare breast. That did it, the guys started to undress with their gaze fixed on us.

I dipped one finger in the scotch and rubbed it on my nipple. There was an immediate burning sensation and manasi closed her tongue over it, sucking gently. Now the boys were naked, their big dicks erect and raring to go.

Aryan moved towards me while sanju started to caress manasi’s legs. Aryan lowered the other strap and my dress and it fell to my waist. He moved closer and forced his tongue in my mouth. My fingers closed around his dick and I began to stroke him lightly.

He then shifted his attention to my breasts, licking the nipples while his fingers massaged my pussy. My nipples swelled under his tongue and I was dripping wet and saw that manasi was on her knees sucking sanju’s prick.

Aryan moved down, held my hips and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue lapped my pussy really hard and soon my love juices began to flow. He wet his entire lips and chin with my juices and signalled to manasi.

She came to him and began to lick my juices off his face. Sanju moved towards me and I took his wet dick in my mouth. Aryan was now on the carpet and manasi was between his legs, licking his arse and stroking his dick.

I too moved down on the floor next to aryan and sanju spread my legs and guided his hot and hard dick in my pussy. Ohh! what a feeling, he started to move inside me, his dick swelling up even more. He lowered his head and began to feast on my breasts,

licking them with each thrust and tugging at the nipples with his teeth. I wet my finger with my salive and grabbed his ass and slid a finger inside his arsehole. He started to thrust harder, mumbling my name over and over again.

Meanwhile manasi was on her fours and aryan was furiously licking her arse and finger fucking her pussy. She shifted her position a bit and soon her tongue was inside my mouth. I felt sanju was reaching his climax and he slowed down.

He pulled out of me, his dick all wet and dripping with my juices. He brought his dick near my mouth and both me a manasi began to lick it. Aryan was now finger fucking both manasi’s pussy and arsehole.

Sanju got up and moved towards manasi and aryan moved towards me. The brothers changed position, and with minimum of warning sanju slid his dick inside manasi’s arse. She let out a soft scream and I saw a tear in the corner of her eye.

I wiped it away and soon she was enjoying the back door ride of her life. Aryan lubricated my arsehole with my pussy juices and laid down on the carpet. I got up and settled over him, guiding his cock into my arse. It slid in slowly all the way.

I let myself get adjusted to the size and then began to ride him. My tits were jumping up and down as I rode his cock. Manasi was now over aryan and he began to suck her tits as sanju fucked her from behind.

Her climax built up and she let out a soft cry as her orgasm racked her. Both the brothers were ramming us two babes like stallions in heat, our bodies wet with perspiration and eyes filled with lust. Suddenly sanju reached his climax and pulled out of manasi’s ass.

He got his cock to my mouth and splattered his cum inside. I swallowed as much as I could and the rest flowed down my chin. Manasi licked it off and we both cleaned sanju’s cock. Now aryan too began to stiffen and I felt my climax approaching.

My pussy started to contract as my orgasm hit me and simultaneously aryan started to shoot his load in my arse. As I regained my senses, I eased his cock out of my arse and laid down by his side to clean him up.

I felt soft hands on my ass and there was manasi gently separating my ass cheeks to lick the cum seeping out. The cruise turned out to be a mega fuck fest for the four of us, something that none of us have been able to forget even a single moment of.

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