Sex with my grandmother Shifa

Dear readers, I’m Rizwan 23 single and work in a warehouse, back in July I was visiting my Grandma Shifa’s 67 home for Sunday lunch with the extended family. After a while talking with everyone I got bored and started looking at her old photos on the walls and her keepsakes.

I found her diary on a small table in her sewing room and had a quick look, I came across an entry saying she missed Irfan’s cock (my late Grandfather) or any cock for that matter.

On more looking I found more entries of a similar vein. then I was called for lunch and returned the diary to the small table. While eating lunch I noticed how good looking Shifa was for her age and even got a hard-on and had to hide when I left the table. Later that night while lying in my bed thinking of how sexy was and wondering if I could get to fuck her.

I decided it wasn’t possible, as I couldn’t ask her straight out for fuck and saying I read your diary. So I left it at that, a couple of weeks later I was playing baseball with some buddies in a park and wasn’t paying full attention and got hit in my balls by the ball. It hurt and I floored by it, but soon it started to ease and I decided to go home and put an icepack on it. My buddies were laughing about it and that was another reason to go.

On my way home I realized I had to pass near Shifa’s place and decided to go there. On my arrival, I asked Shifa for an icepack on something frozen to place on the bruised area. She wanted to know how bad it was and wanted me to see a doctor, I told her it wasn’t bad enough for a doctor and the icepack should fix it.

But Shifa was concerned and asked me to show her my groin area, I agreed to ease her concern. I dropped my pants and she inspected my groin, she agreed it wasn’t bad enough for more than an icepack.

She took over rubbing the icepack (frozen peas) over my groin, while she was doing that kneeling in front of I could see down her top and seeing her breasts. My cock went hard and this was a shock to me and surprise for Shifa.

She said it seems to be working okay and asked what caused the erection, I sheepishly replied I had looked down her front. She just smiled and then started probing my groin and asking if it hurt and I said it didn’t hurt too bad.

She told me to stay sitting and returned the peas to the freezer and then returned and told me that we should get me off and see if any blood comes out as well as sperm. She said she would do the stroking and with a damp cloth started masturbating me, after a while, she asked was having trouble and I replied no.

But she decided to give more inspiration and she undid her top and showed me her breasts. Shortly after I came all over her chest after she checked the sperm for any sign of blood. I thought that would be it and stood up and started to pull up my pants. But she told me we should do it again and make sure, I was all for that and this time she took me to her bedroom and had me lay on her bed.

She cleaned herself up and returned totally naked and get over the top of me. Putting her pussy to my face and went down on me sucking me off, I decided it was worth a go and started to lick her pussy. She stopped sucking, but then started to suck again and after a time I told her I was about to cum. She didn’t stop and swallowed the lot when asked by me about blood in the sperm she said she didn’t taste any.

I had enjoyed it greatly and pushed my luck and asked could we go all the way. She was quiet for a time but said okay to my great relief and she got hard again and I fucked Shifa and as we laid together she asked to stay for dinner and I agreed. She rang my mother telling her that I was having dinner with her and then we showered together. That was how I started fucking my grandma and still do today.

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