A night in hospital with bhabhi part 2

She said, “main idher so jaun gi” (I’ll sleep here) pointing to the other side of the bed. I asked her, “apko bura tu nahi lagay ga?” (Hope you wouldn’t mind) and she said, “bura lagne wali konsi baat hai. Ap mere bhai hain.” (why should I mind. After all you are my brother). Although she calling me her brother was quite a dampener, but I was used to her calling me Dani Bhai earlier, so I agreed feigning reluctance.

We decided to sleep on opposite sides of the bed length-wise. I was sleeping with my head towards her legs and she was sleeping with her head towards my legs and facing in opposite directions. Since her legs were on the western side of the bed, I asked her that her feet will be pointing towards Ka’aba to which she said that she’ll bend her legs to avoid pointing her feet towards ka’aba.

When we lay down on the bed, I realized which she must have also realized that the bed was too small to accommodate two persons without touching each other. Despite our best efforts to avoid contact, our asses were touching exactly where our legs were bending. But since she had herself proposed sleeping like that, I let my ass freely touch her ass.

I lay quietly without moving my body for a while afraid that she may move away thus disconnecting the connection between our bodies. I was feeling the warmth of her body seeping into me through her ass. I kept lying still for quite some time.

I realized that she had slept again, and moved slightly to see if she moved, but she lay motionless. Emboldened by her lack of reaction, I started to slowly and imperceptibly move my ass so that I could feel her ass better, but I stopped this motion when I realized that this will give her a signal that I was awake whereas the key to my success was in feigning sleep.

So, I decided to lie motionless for some more time. After what felt like an hour, I decided to change side, but I had to make a decision as to how to change side, slowly or suddenly. By changing side slowly, I would not disturb her sleep but there was a chance that she must have been lying awake because she must have been as conscious of lying with another man as I was. So, I decided to change my side suddenly pretending to change side in sleep and see how she reacted if any.

I decided to change my side in two phases. First I shall turn on my back and then towards her back. Now the question was when to execute my move. I lay there for quite sometime unable to gather enough courage. I coaxed myself for being so indecisive.

Then in a moment of indecision, I just turned on my back brushing my ass with her ass. I lay motionless as my heart was trying to get out of my chest. Now I realized that my thigh was touching her ass and my dick was closer to her ass than before.

I kept lying there waiting to see if she will move away from the touch of my thigh, but she did not move. I could not understand if she was asleep or had given up trying to get away because of lack of space, or was she enjoying my touch? The last possibility made my dick twitch in a mysterious joy.

I felt as if I was very close to the object of my desire of so many years and if I didn’t fuck her, it would be a waste of a golden opportunity. Besides, now I was getting anxious about my phupho who could wake up anytime, but luckily I was hidden from phupho’s view and any movement in phupho will be monitored by bhabi if she’s awake otherwise, it would be a no go if she just got up.

So, I felt a sense of urgency and decided to have a go and see her reaction. If she’s enjoying, she will let me fuck her and if she is not, she will stop me and that will end this episode here.

So, after a lot of deliberation, I decided to have a go at it and suddenly turned on my side again this time towards her side and made sure that I put my leg over her as if I was changing sides in sleep with my own wife. Now my hard dick was wedged right in the middle of her ass crack and my foot which I had put over her was touching the base of her boob.

I again waited for a few seconds to check her response but she lay motionless. I was wondering how could she not know when I had moved and put my leg over her? Was she awake? Was she enjoying? So after a few minutes of such deliberations, I decided to scratch my balls as if doing so in sleep. I put my hand between her ass cheeks and scratched my balls.

What I felt gave me a pleasant shock. Bhabi was wet. Was she really wet or I was having a wet dream? I tried to open my eyes wider to make sure that it wasn’t a dream. So, now I had got a confirmation that my bhabi was enjoying the feel of my hard cock between her ass crack. I let my hand stay there and pressed my cock between her ass crack and I felt her wetness even more.

I was emboldened by the confirmation. So, I slowly started moving my bhabi’s shirt up. Slowly but imperceptibly, I was able to push the shirt of bhabi above her waistline and put my hand on her waistline. The moment my hand touched the naked flesh of her waistline, I felt a shudder in her.

It was really happening. My bhabi was really reacting to my touch. Since now I had no doubt about her being awake, changed side lengthwise and lay behind her hugging her from behind with my rock hard cock wedged right between her ass cheeks.

I tried to insert my right arm under her to properly hug her from behind. She cooperated by lifting herself up. I slipped my hand under her and grabbed her right boob in my hand. It was awesome. Although I would daily hold the boobs of my wife, but her boobs felt strangely different- firmer and pointier.

I inserted my left hand under her shirt and started caressing her around her belly and waist line. I traced the curve of her waist and then inserted a finger inside her navel. She gasped the moment my finger entered in her navel. I kissed her behind her ear and she again shivered.

All she was doing indicated that she needed me badly. I was also worried that my aunt may wake up anytime, so I tried to insert my left hand inside her shalwar which was tied with an elastic. She suddenly held my hand and stopped me from proceeding further.

I applied more force to insert my hand under her shalwar and she still resisted but the power of her resistance was fading. When I touched her clit, she gasped and sighed, “No.” I whispered in her ear, “Just give me two minutes plz.” and she whispered back, “Phupho is here.” I said, “If she did not wake up for so many hours, she will not wake up in two minutes.” With this reassurance, she let her resistance go.

I pulled her shalwar down to her knees. She cooperated by picking her hips up and then I lowered my own trousers. The moment my naked dick touched her naked ass cheeks, she pressed my hand hard and I could feel the extent of joy she was getting out of it. I tried to penetrate her from that side on position, but it was difficult to reach her hole.

I started moving my hands on those fleshy butts of my dreams. I was trying to feel that I was actually touching them. I was actually at the verge of fucking the woman I had so often dreamed of and compared with my wife on a number of occasions.

I was trying to make a mental note of everything around and the feeling of euphoria and the low whizzing sound of the air conditioner and my bhabi’s naked ass in my hands in that lowly-lit room, I remember every single moment and even today feel as if it is happening right now. I always get a raging hard-on thinking of that. Sometimes even when the scene plays in my mind during my lecture, I have to consciously distract my mind for avoiding an embarrassing erection in the middle of a class. On such occasions, I hide behind a rostrum.

So, there I was holding the buttocks of my wife in my hands and feeling their texture and softness yet firmness. I din not even know at that time if I would ever get another chance with my beloved Afshan bhabi or not, so I wanted to make the most of it but the sense of urgency to fuck her and the fear of phupho waking up was making it compulsory for me to fuck her immediately.

I pushed Bhabi to get on her face. She understood but was reluctant, but when I pushed her harder, she complied. Now she was lying with her ass sticking up proudly, glistening in the low light and inviting to be fucked. For a few seconds I enjoyed the view and then straddled her over her ass and held my dick in my hand and guided it towards her pussy hold.

My dick slipped into her wet softness like it never did earlier. My wife was never wet like that and most of the female students I fucked would not let me fuck them so easily for different fears. So, here I was inside the soaking wet pussy of a married lady for perhaps the first time in my life.

Bhabi was keeping an eye on phupho was still sleeping calmly and I started pushing my dick further. She would arch her ass back up while I went inside her and pull down when I was pulling my dick out, thus creating a strange sense of pleasure of pulling out my dick.

So far I had only known the pleasure of pushing my dick inside a pussy, but this was the first time my bhabi was teaching me the pleasure of pulling a dick out of a pussy but still not completely pulling out. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life before.

Every time, my dick would be fully inside her, my crotch would thud against her fleshy butts. We were doing our best to avoid making any sound but the bed had wheels under it and it was moving to and fro. This could be dangerous as it could violently collide with phupho’s bed and thus wake her up. So, I slowed down my speed and slowly but steadily fucked her without making much noise. I kept fucking her for about five minutes and I don’t know how she was feeling under me.

Then I lay myself flat on top of her. I knew my dick was not going inside her to the fullest but I guessed it was still sufficient for her. I moved her hair aside and kissed at the back of her neck. She was holding her hand at her mouth to avoid shouting and was moving her head from side to side and was clenching the bed sheet in her hand.

After a few strokes like that I heard some sounds of “puchaak, puchaak” from her pussy and I realized that she had climaxed. So, I held my upper torso steady and increased the speed of fucking. In a minute or so, I also reached my climax.

I tried to pull out at the last moment but it was one hell of a difficult task to remove my dick from such an inviting pussy. So, some of my cum went inside her pussy and some was spilled on the bed sheet. But I could not worry about the stains and all that at that time. I kept lying on top of her. She took one of my hands and kissed it.

I felt deeply satisfied. Then I pulled myself up and we lay on our sides facing each other and then we did what we had not done that far- we kissed, full front on. I chewed her lips and she was equally responsive. She said thank you in my ear and I was filled with a sense of power and euphoria. Then she whispered in my ear that she would go and sit on the chair and I could catch some sleep.

She got up and we hugged again. The I pulled my trousers up and straightened the bed sheet and lay on the bed. Bhabi went to the washroom and then came back and sat in the chair. We both kept staring at each other for a long time and then I do not know when I slept.

When I woke up in the morning, the events of the last night appeared to be a dream. I had to look around and look at the dried cum stains to believe that the events of the last night were not a dream but a naked reality. My phupho greeted me and bhabi smiled at me.

I was quick to note a change in the way she looked at me. I felt instantly elated. I changed into my jeans and shirt and kept analysing the events of the night. Although I was reasonably happy to have my bhabi last night, yet I did not want it to be a one-time stand.

She was too gorgeous to be fucked only once and that too in an atmosphere of fear and lack of comfort. I would definitely like to fuck her in a relatively calmer environment with a greater peace of mind and relish her body to my heart’s content. We were casually chatting.

Phupho went to the washroom to change the diaper of the baby and I darted straight to bhabi and hugged her very tight and asked her when could we have another session. She smiled and said whenever we got a chance. I made her promise that she would not let any chance go slipping. She promised and I was relieved that it was not a one-off affair.

Nothing much happened later that day and the doctors discharged the baby and I came to Lahore after dropping them off to their home in the village. After that we started chatting on phone. However, in order to avoid detection by my wife, we devised a few protocols even for text messaging.

I told her that she will text me mostly within my office hours during the week days. Even if she needed to talk to me after office hours, she would ask me the meaning of some English word which was a common practice among our family members because I am the only highly educated person in my whole family. If I replied to her message with the meaning of the word, it would mean that my wife is around and it is unsafe to talk and if I replied with a naughty smile, it would mean that it is safe to talk.

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