Camping with mother Trisha-1

Hi friends, how are you doing? I remember going camping with my parents as far back as I can remember. But when I was 15 my father died in a light plane crash, it was his passion flying. I’m a only child and my mother Trisha now 39 was left to raise me alone. I’m Shobhit 21 single and live with Trisha were left fairly well off, but didn’t go camping for a few years.

Last year we were cleaning out the garage and found all the old camping gear, we were clearing the clutter that build up over the years. On finding the camping gear we started talking about the camping trips we had been on. The gear was in good shape and once cleaned up was ready to use again. Trisha asked would I like to go camping for a week for old time sake and I said Yes. So for the Spring Break we would go camping, this left us 2 weeks to get ready.

On the first day of Spring Break we headed off and found our usual camping spot crowded, so we went further in the mountain park and found a nice camp site. After setting up camp we went for a hike and found nice vantage point to see the park in all its glory. Trisha took a few pictures and we returned to our camp site. Trisha started getting dinner together and I lit a fire ready for the chilly night air. After dinner we sat around talking about old times with my father Kunal.

Then we went to our sleeping bags to sleep, in the morning after breakfast we went hiking again and up the creek from our camp was an old beaver dam it was not inhabited by beavers and was slowing giving way. Trisha said lucky we’re a good way from the creek if this breaks it would liking flood the banks of the creek. After our hike we had lunch and had a nap around 4pm we heard a snapping sound. We realised that the Beaver dam was breaking up and made everything was back away from the creek.

The started to rise and got to the top of the creek bank and no further. But the debris from the dam had piled up against a old fallen tree and caused the water back up. Then it found away around the tree and came down running thru our camp site. Not doing any damage, but it did enter our tent. Only a bit but it was enough to soak my sleeping bag. The water soon was gone and we cleaned up a I hung my sleeping from a tree to dry.

Also got what little water that was left in the out and using Trisha’s hair dryer powered by the car we dried out the tent floor. But the sleep was totally soaked and have to hang to dry. Trisha was using her and dads double size sleeping bag that they had always used. All our were up on a camp chairs out of the water. After we had dinner we sat around the camp talking and then off to bed.

I was going share Trisha’s sleeping bag till mine dried. That was no problem has we had share a bed before and it was problem then. We talked a bit and then went to sleep, during the I awoke and I laying next to Trisha and she smell nice and my mind started to wander and I started thinking of her as my lover and got a hard on. I started to stroke it and keep from waking Trisha. But I couldn’t stop thinking of her laying beside me.

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