Different kind of fun with Monika-3

At this time her mom called to see when she would be home, i told her she can stay for dinner again so Monika told her mom she won’t be home for a while and winked at me.

Anyways we ordered in and ate, i asked her about her family, she told me that her mom had her when she was in high school and moved from Louisiana to Ohio and then to Phoenix AZ where they are now. She was telling me her whole story and it sounded familiar, so i asked her if she a picture of her family. When i saw it i instantly knew who her mom was, she was the girl i got pregnant in high school. I asked Monika what year she was born in, and it was the same year i left Louisiana, and her bithdate of July matched up perfectly of what my child would have been. I was shocked. Monika asked me if everything was ok and i felt really bad and decided to tell her.
At first she was a little taken back, she was hurt for sure. After a few minutes she told me she understood what happened and she is not going to blame anyone for what happened.

Then she said something that i never would have expected.
Monika “in a way im glad that things happened this way, if you had stayed with my mom, you would have seen me as your daughter, and not a strong female, you would not have given me this job and i would have not accidentally seen your porn collection and would have missed out one these extreme orgasms that i only heard about on the internet and thought they were fake, so im glad we met the way we did, this way we can be sexual and not have to worry about society, i can suck your dick as much as i want without anyone judging you or me, in fact I dont care that you are my dad, i met you without any of those notions and i rather keep you as my boss and sexual partner because at the end of the day i feel free when im here with you, i feel alive, i feel satisfied, i feel amazing being able to suck your dick and cum over and over and i dont care if you are my dad, im not willing to give up all of the pleasure, are you?”

Monika, that was the last thing i thought you would say but i agree 100% no one needs to know, and we wouldn’t have known either so we can pretend we didn’t find out and continue.
Monika : i dont care to be honest, if you are my dad, i want you to fuck your daughter and let her suck your dick ill call you dad while i kiss you on the lips in front of people when we go out to eat, i really dont care dad, i just know that i want your cock.
Me : honey that sounds good to me and you can have my cock whenever you want, in fact its yours and only yours, do with it whatever you want from here on forward.

We went out to eat and she actually did what she said she would, as we are leaving the restaurant there were a bunch of people of waiting to be seated, the watched us as we walked to the door, Monika kissed me on the lips with a lot of tongue, then said “i love you dad”

ON the car ride home she was very touchy feely and as soon as we got home she told me to sit on the couch, and she sucked on my dick for a long time.This time i knew she loves it so i tried my best to not cum. I held it in for like 40-45 minutes but couldn’t hold on any longer and came in her mouth, she swallowed and continued to suck on my cock, even completely flaccid she was going to town on it, she kept licking and sucking for almost an hour and a half when she paused, looked at me, closed her eyes and i could tell she was cuming.

She had her dress still on and it was drenched, both legs all the way down to her knees it was an amazing site. she kissed me.
I asked her how many times she came and she told me she lost count after the 5th time.
she got some water and snacks and when we were walking back to my room she asked me to tell her when im ready again, and i already was so i told her my cock is hers whenever she wants it, she laid down between my legs and went to town again this time making me cum at around the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

That was the start of our journey, me and her moved from phoenix and now live somewhere else, we have since had a child together my daughter who is also my grand daughter is a blessing and we have not had any contact with Monika’s mom for the past 3 years.

Monika gives me 2-3 blow jobs a day and she loves them more than i do. Thats our story, hope you enjoyed.

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