Find me later

I lived alone at home with my mother. Lately I had noticed that my mother had been incredibly stressed. I understood. She raised me all alone and that couldn’t be anything but a headache. She spent a lot of time drinking alone. I thought it was just stress but then I thought about it. She was obviously horny too. She hadn’t gotten fucked since my dad left her.

I figure that must cause a lot of stress as well. Then while thinking I thought there’s a way to fix two problems. While mom was stressed I was stressed as well. I had developed a crush on my mom. She was a definition MILF. She had long platinum blonde that flowed to her lower back. Then she had a huge round and firm ass. It taunted me in the shorts and tight jeans or leggings she often wore. Then there was her tits.

Her tits were perfectly round melons that say on her chest. Often she’d skip a bra and her nipples poked through the thin fabrics of her tops. I imagined sucking on her tits while she moaned. At this point i didn’t even watch porn I just thought of my mother. I thought of using her body. Once in awhile I’d hear her masturbating but her moans only echoed my name. I knew she wanted me and I wanted her. She even teased me with her ass and tits. I made a plan to help her relieve the stress from her. I would surprise her and take her from there.


I was too nervous to start my plan early in the day but I vowed to start it at dinner. I would slowly seduce her. I got nervous because I could see her perky nipples and she wore the best tight leggings that perfectly showed her long thick legs and thighs and her phat ass. I headed down for dinner. Mom flashed her beautiful smile surrounded by her big lips layered in red lipstick. We sat down as she presented the plates. She sat down next to me. I turned to her and thanked her.
“I love you mommy.”
“I love you too son.”
She kissed my cheek.
“Can we hang out tonight?” I asked.
“Of course after I do dishes.”
“Yay mommy time,” I said.

She smiled. She rested her hand on my thigh. I felt my dick growing. I was tempted to make her suck me off now but I chose to hold back. She rubbed her hand up. I could almost just cum from her touch. We finished and she headed for the kitchen. I followed her in secret. She turned on the sink. I pulled my cock out of my pants. My cock was at full hardness. I was lucky she didn’t notice me too early. She kept her eyes on the dishes so I stayed quiet.

Slowly I approached her and stood right behind her. My cock stuck straight up rubbing on her ass. She looked behind her in shock as she felt my cock.
I put my hand on her mouth. “You want this.”
I shut off the sink and led her to my room. I laid her down on my bed. She provided no resistance. She locked eyes on my cock. “It’s huge!”

“And it’s yours.”
I sat next to her and pulled her shirt down so her perfect tits flopped out. I started sucking on her perfect nipples. Her moans filled the room. She wiggles as her son sucked her tender nipples. I put one leg over her body and placed my dick veteeen her tits. I humped fast. Her mouth just reached my tip as I ducked her tits. I came and she smiled.
“Find me later.”

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