Having random sex with mother-1

Hi readers, as all the growing teenagers I too had a lust for my mom. It’s not that she’s crazy hot or extremely beautiful, it’s just that I was always attracted towards the idea of being with someone close to me. As, many says it feels good to do something bad.
Let’s begin the story with some introduction about my mom, she’s in her mid 50s. Not that fair nor that dark. An ideal house wife, just doing her usual works and taking care of her children. I got 2 elder brothers and a sister who are all married and live their lives separately. Dad is retired and most of the time he spends with his old friend and so.

As I said mom is extremely good wife and always wears full body covered cloths. I had the interest about incest but never imagined my mom in that place as I would fuck her or so. Days were usual and smooth going, everyone busy with their day to day routine. My graduation, dad and mom’s sweet and happy life.

But one fine day the event occurs, I usually be home from college by 12 and day was out with his friend. I just came and went to my room to have some solitude after a day with crowd, when I heard mom calling for my name. Went in and asked what was the matter, she said that her back is paining for a long time and asked if I could help her. I know she would never have asked me if anyone were there to help her.

I was ok with helping her, as she gave me some ointment to rub over her back. I got caught up with my perverted inner guy and said that her blouse is getting in the way. Hoping that she would remove it all. She was desperate due to the pain yet too shy to remover her top in front of her son “Can you go out of the room so I can adjust myself?” she said, I left. After a minute she again called my name and I went in. There she was covering her body in such a way that only the region which was needed to be massaged was visible.
I was heart broken but anyhow I now wanted to just help my mom through the pain. As I applied the cream over her body and started to massage her, my pervertness struck again and there was no stopping to it. I started to massage her back with a normal pace, she was giving me instruction on where the pain exactly is and all. I kept working my hand, moving a bit to her lower back and inches about her ass. To which she caught my hand and placed it on her upper back region saying “Not there here son”. I slowly started to widen up my area of touch is such a way that she wouldn’t notice. She might have felt that so she took a pillow and kept it near her breast so that I can’t touch it even accidentally.

So that is started to work on her back on and casually working on her lower back, trying to touch her ass accidentally with my elbow or so. She’s a smart women and she understood what I was doing so she said “That would be enough son, now you can go” but I didn’t wanted to end it so soon, I replied “Mom just relax, don’t worry about it. I can do more and I know you need it to relive you pain, so just let it go and let me do my work completely.”

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