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Hi readers, how are you all? My name is Tarun. For the purpose of this story, we start when I was fifteen. At fifteen my mother had been a widow for five years and for all intents and purposes, I was man of the house and head of our little family. It was my mother Rita (45), my little sister Vibha (12)and myself. My father was a dominant man and my mother had always been very quiet and submissive. After he died I guess you could say that I just fell into the role of master of the house just as he was and the women just seemed to except it as the normal way of life. I was doing well in school and money was not an issue do to fathers holding’s and life insurance. When not in school my time was taken up with duties at home. I was the one mom turned to with any issue and a father to my sister Vibha, it left little to no time to do anything else. I was approaching 16 and still a virgin.

I was 6’1 and 60 kg and a good looking kid with more than a few girls at school flirting with me, but I never seemed to have any time to follow up on anything. I guess I just didn’t know enough to know what I was missing yet and to be truthful I was more attached to my teachers than I was the little girls at school. I had always been more interesTarun in older women, I was just the way I was wired I guess?

Anyways, one day I was walking to the store to pick up a few things for mom and as I passed one of our neighbors hours, I heard Mrs Vera call out my name. I stopped and walked over to her. She said that she was so happy to see me and she needed a big favor. Her husband had been detained at work and she had to go pick up her daughter all the way on the other side of town and she only had the two seater sports car and needed someone to stay with her mother. Mrs Vera’s mother was 68 and had Alzheimer’s and she was worried about leaving her alone for that long. I said she felt terrible about asking me but had called everyone she could think of and one was available. She offered me 30$ and gave me that sad please! Look.
I told her I would and she showed me to the living room were her mother was and than ran out the door promising to be back as soon as possible.

As I walked into the living room the elderly woman looked up from the TV at me for the first time and her eyes lit up. OH RAHUL! Oh Rahul your home!! She got up and walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug with her head on my chest. I tried to tell her my name was Tarun, but it was as if she didn’t hear me. She went to the kitchen and got me a glass of lemonade and sat down beside me and just smiled and asked me how I have been. I decided it was just going to be easier to play along with it rather than try to correct her. Besides it was kinda nice to have all the attention she was lavishing on me at the time. She might have been 68, but you could still tell she had been a very attractive woman in her day. She had red hair and still had a slim figure with big hanging breasts and a round ass on top of shapely legs. Of course I was looking through the eyes of a perverTarun horny 15 yr old boy. But she was stroking my thigh and rubbing her breasts against my arm and I couldn’t help but look at her though those eyes at the time. At first I didn’t know who Rahul was until I heard her call herself Mama.
Then I realized “Rahul” must have been her son. What I didn’t understand was why she was being so overly affectionate with me if she thought I was her son??

After a few minutes of her rubbing my thigh and arm I started to get an erection. I was wearing shorts and it was all to noticable. The old woman looked down and saw this and got a twinkle in her eyes.
She said, OH MY Rahul, you did miss mommy, didn’t you baby? Don’t worry, mommy is here now and mommy will take care of her baby boy.
Then she stood up and started to unbutton her blouse right while standing in front of me. My first instinct was to try and stop her and make her realize who I was, or rather who I wasn’t! But my boyish wonder got the better of me and I sat mouth opened as she opened her shirt and then took her bra off allowing those big floppers to hang down in front of me. Her breasts looked thier age with thick blue vains and stretch marks, but her nipples we’re huge and cone shaped and looked like they should be sucked on. She stepped forward between my spread legs and put a hand on the back of my head and gently drew me forward. Before I knew what I was doing, I had one of her big soft teats in my mouth and I was nursing like a new born babe.
All the while the old woman was stroking my head and saying things like,.. that’s it baby, that’s it, just suck on mommy. That’s my big boy, mommy will make it all better.

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