I fucked Kavita and Shipra-1

I’m Anil 29 happy, I left home at fifteen after my father died and went travelling. My mother died years before when I was four, in child birth. I had no brothers or sisters and didn’t like school. I got by on odd jobs and my wits, made crude carvings and burn them to make look old and then buried in wet clay and let it dry completely.

I would be digging holes near tourist spots and break open clumps of clay and reveal the carving inside. Always when tourist were near, I let the tourist offer money for the carving. Never ask for money, if nobody bought it. I put it back in the clay and try again later. I would get rich do that, but made enough for food and clothes. I stopped doing that after a two years and move on again.

I done fruit and vegetable picking in season and other odd jobs to get by. I met and other travellers and travel for a while then in her fifties, she taught me a lot about life and sex . She was my first fuck and she let anytime I wanted. But she got arrested for shoplifting and I carried on again alone. When I was twenty and I was near a post office, I saw a poster with my name and photo on it. It was a photo of me taken before my father died on my fourteenth birthday. I still had a copy of it with me.

It’s the only photo I had of my father, there was a phone number on the poster. So I rang the number to find out why they were looking for me. It was a lawyers number and I was the last of my father’s side of the family and a uncle I had never heard of before had died and I was the sole heir. Once I knew, I said I would could see them in a couple of weeks.

They wanted to pay for my trip to their offices, but I said I had some business to finish and would them after it was done. So I started heading to their offices on foot, jumping on trains and hitch hiking. I wasn’t in a hurry, mainly I thought it to good to be true. After three weeks I got to the city and stayed in a men’s shelter and cleaned up. Using to last money I had I bought some better clothes from a charity shop.

They were the best clothes I till then, a nice lady at the soup kitchen cut my hair. I told her I wanted to look for a job interview, then the next morning after sleeping the night in the shelter I headed off to the lawyers offices. I was shocked to find the offices were on 6 floors of a skyscraper and it was a large national firm.

I had been I was left his estate and thought get as much as thousand or so dollars. Once I told reception who I was and why I was there, you would thought the President was there. People from the highest floors rushed to meet me. I admit I was a bit scared at first and I was taken to meet the boss of the firm. Once I had relaxed a bit I was told my uncle had been very wealthy and hadn’t any children and passed away 3 years after my father.

As the only living heir I got it all, cash, bonds, shares and property. I now own a penthouse and wasn’t all that sure what it was. It took several weeks to finish up the paper work and I settled in to my new life. I had aunt Kavita 40 on my mother’s side of the family and her two daughter Komal 19 and Shipra 18. That all the relatives I knew about.

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