I seduced Parul

Hi everyone, how are you doing? My mother Parul 38 is in the process of divorcing my father Vijay 43. He wanted the divorce because He said He was sick of Parul and wanted a younger prettier woman than her. My mother Parul isn’t slim, but isn’t fat either she is the perfect shape, size and weight. Vijay was always running her down and having romps with other women. Blaming Parul for ruining his life. I’m Tarun 21 only child of Parul and Vijay, Vijay got Parul pregnant and married her to keep his scholarship at the university.

Any scandal would have voided his religious scholarship. So he made Parul feel bad all these years and nothing she does was good enough for him. Any problem in his life was Parul’s and my fault. Anything that was good in our life’s, he took the credit for. Like me being top of my class at school was all his doing and not the hours I studied with the help of Parul, while he was out with his latest lover. Last year he finally got the job he wanted and then wanted to divorce Parul.

He said He would had the job earlier if not for her. But a quick look at who got that before shows he is one the youngest to get it as most are in their late forties when they got it. He moved out just before Christmas and Parul and me had to find a new place to live as he sold the house without telling us. But Parul got half the money before he paid off the mortgage, thanks to aunt Komal 61 Lawyer for Parul. This annoyed Vijay a lot, but he had to accept it. The Divorce is nearly final, all the papers are signed and there isn’t anything else to do except wait it’s final.

We found an old 2 bed cottage in rough shape if you just went by its looks. But there were no serious structural problems just needed minor repairs, repainting cleaning and the yard cleaned up. That took to the end of January and we’re now very comfortable. Parul was very upset over the divorce and said That she should have been a better wife to Vijay. I said Vijay is the biggest Arsehole there is or has ever been, nothing you or even me could do wouldn’t be good enough for that #**#**# arsehole. She told me not to swear, I said I’m sorry about swearing. But what I said is the truth and we should forget him totally.

I stayed close to Parul and we started to go out together, she had a job as a receptionist at Law were aunt Komal was a principle partner. I’m a plumber and work for the city, where I done my training. While out for a dinner together and a movie last Easter, we had a few drinks and I got a little carried away and I ended up sleeping with Parul, she was drunk and I knew what I was doing. In the morning she was upset and I told her It was my fault and I didn’t regret at all and I enjoyed myself and I think she did also.
Still she wasn’t calmed down much and I said She was my perfect woman and I wanted her to sleep with me again. After a while I took her to the bathroom and we showered together and then ended up back in bed together. I’ve been sleeping with her every night since and she is now pregnant to me. Aunt Komal knows as I told her I had seduced Parul and all she said was You take care of her or I’ll cut you balls off with a rusty blunt knife. I believe she would at that.

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