I slept with Nisha

Dear readers, I’m Kunal 25 single and self employed, last year I went on a family reunion camping trip for two weeks. Our family has these every 5 years, all come as it is great fun. Different place each time, we went to a mountain national park and camped by a lake. Not close to any town or homes, some brought there boats and we fished, hiked and swam enjoying ourselves. I was to be the only single adult at the reunion, but cousin Nisha 23 broke up with her then boyfriend Ben after catching him in bed with another woman. She still came and kept to herself at first, but as we were both alone we were paired together in games and outings. After a few days Nisha began to cheer up and enjoy herself more, I was going to hike to a lookout and take some photos and she asked to tag along with me.

I said Okay and we headed off, it was a 10 mile round trip and the trail was well marked. It was an easy track to walk, no bicycles or motorcycles allowed on it. It took almost 2 hours to get there stopping for photos on the way and talking. After arriving and looking at and taking a few dozen photos. We had lunch and started our way back, we stopped for a break at a small stream. Nisha started to talk about Ben and how he had betrayed her, I listen and rarely spoke. On getting back to camp I show the others the sites they had missed and then had dinner and a sing a long and then off to my tent to sleep.

A little later Nisha came into my tent and said she was lonely and wanted to sleep in my tent. She had her sleeping bag and laid down beside me, I closed my eye to sleep. short time later she shook me and asked If I wanted to talk. Thinking that I should at least listen I agreed, she went on about Ben and how had hurt her and then said she missed the sex and was very horny. I just looked at her and said I know how that is. Then she asked Was I horny too, I replied I always horny with a smile on my face.

Then she shocked me by saying How about you and me having sex, it will help us both. I didn’t answer and then she kissed me, I responded by kissing her back and pulling her close. We had sex then and again in the morning. This went on for the rest of the camp, on returning home, Nisha moved in with me and we started sleeping together every night. Her mother Sangeeta 46 knew something was going on between us and asked me straight out was I sleeping with Nisha. I admitted I was and expecting a telling off.

I was surprised when she answered Good, but treat her right or you’ll know about it. Then my mother Parul 49 came and told me to treat Nisha right as well. Parul is Sangeeta’s sister and I asked wasn’t she shock by me and Nisha’s incestuous relationship. No it something that happens in our family a lot and nobody in the family worries about it anymore. As long as it is consensual between you, we will not worry about it. So with the approval of our mothers we’re still together and Nisha is now pregnant.

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