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After a bit I started to calm down and zeroed in on her clit, and sucked it like a little dick. She was going nuts! Breathing hard and screaming out and bucking her hips off the bed. When she orgasmed, she flooded my mouth with her creamy jucies. I drank in as much as I could ketch.
I was ready to get back inside my mother’s womb. I got to my knees and grabbed ahold of my rock hard cock and looked in mom’s eyes. She all of the sudden looked worried.
She said, easy baby, easy. Mommies going to need a few minutes to adjust to that big beautiful piece you have there? I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. I was a man, apart. I was filled with lust and the torcher of years of acking for my mommies womb. I dropped down across her and rubbed my swelled cock head on her wet soft cunt lips as I looked into her eyes and saw her fear as she knew i could do anything to her right now. Her baby boy was not there, instead a crazed rapist was hovering over her with his weapon in hand. I began to push into my mother’s inviting vagina and she let out a yell and pushed on my chest. Careful baby! Your so thick!
Be careful, you’ll rip me!

But I couldn’t stop, I pushed in some more. She tensed up and through her head back and tightened her jaw.
Then I lunged forward, sinking my meat all the way into her cervix and back to my first home. Then I stopped and stayed there a minute, while I watched the faces and sounds my mom made beneath me.
She said, oh my God, Nitin! Your huge! You ripped me open, but I love it. I feel completely full of you.
Take me baby! Use my body to pleasure yourself, my love.
And so I did, I started to pump her hard and strong. I grabbed her body under me and power fucked her. I fucked her for every time she gave me a hard-on, I fucked her for every jacked off load I dropped on my belly thinking about her, I power fucked her for all the years of ball blueing torcher I spent thinking I’d never get to fuck her! I was fucking her as if I was trying to fuck through her.

Mom was screaming incoherently. She was squirting jucies everytime I drew my dick out of her a little. She seemed to be both in lust and terror. She had the look of a person who was in love with life and afraid of death as her son went bat shit crazy on top of her. I pounded her sweet pussy as I think she passed out once or twice, and I fucked her awake again.
Since I had blown a load up Kirti’s virgin pussy that night, I was very in control of my balls right now and I was trying to fuck the life out of my mom right now. I wanted to be the best cock she had ever had, I wanted her to be mine, now and forever!
I had been slamming away at her for some time now and I felt my cum starting to rise. I leaned over and took one of her big nipples in my mouth. She was clawing at my ass as I pumped away. Then I looked up at her and said, I’m going to cum Mommy!
She screamed, YES! YES! CUM IN MOMMY!! Fill Mommy up,baby! Make Mommy yours, only yours baby!!

I saw a flash of light run though my eyes, my heart felt like it skipped a beat, I felt as if my whole life force was going to come out my cock as I blew my young cum load up into my mother’s waiting womb, time after time again, I contacted and released into her, until I dropped down on top of her, feeling both in Paradise and half dead. Mom wrapped her arms and legs around me and whispered in my ear.
I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. You are incredible. From this moment forward, everything I am, belongs to you. I belong to you,my love. You are my man, and I am yours to have.
I let a smile cross my face, as I lay there with my eyes closed.

After an hour or so of petting and fondling each other, mom started to get up. She said she had to teenkle.
As she Rose up, I grabbed her hand. She looked at me, and I said, if you belong to me, then that belongs to me as well, right?
My mom looked confused. What belongs to you, darling? My who-who water??
Yes Mommy, does your piss belong to me??
She looked at me lovingly, and said, I belong to you, heart,body,and soul Nitin.
I said, good than. I’m coming with you, and held her hand as I led the way to the bathroom.

I led her inside my walk-in shower and backed her into the corner.
I kissed her passionately as I ran my hands all over her soft body.
Then I dropped to my knees and lifted her foot and set it on the ledge of the shower wall. Then I used the shower head to wash her cum soaked vagina. When I washed and teased her enuff, I started sucking on her beautiful cunt. I stuck my tongue as far as I could inside her.
After I played a bit, I looked up at her and said, ok mom, you can go now. She nervously said, ok sweetheart, I hope you like it?
As I spread her pussy lips, the first couple drops came. So I got my tongue and lips up to her warm pussy and for the first time, I tasted piss! And not just any piss, but my mommies pee! It was a little bitter at first, but as I let my tongue play through the stream, I really got into it. I really liked the fact that it was coming from my mom’s body, and I was tasting something that came from inside her. As the piss stream slowed down and dribbled away, I went in and ate her into a nother climax and then turned her around, bent her over and tongued her asshole for 10 minutes or so.
When I stood up, I picked mom up in my arms and carried her to the bed.

I laid her down at the foot of the bed and lifted her legs up with her ankles together. I then guided my cock back into my birth canal and pushed until I rested my balls on her plump ass cheeks. I had one of her ankles in each hand.
Now I’ve always had a little thing for my mom’s beautiful little feet.
She always took care of them and kept her little toes painted pretty colors. So as I stroked in and out of her, I went to town on licking and sucking her toes and feet.
She seemed to love it! She started asking me if I like mommies feet and if I wanted to cum on them. She squeeked and whimpered as I held her legs up and fucked her. After I had my fill of her feet, I spread her legs and leaned forward to kiss her, she grabbed my head and we made out like sex starved animals. I told her to give me her tongue and I sucked it like a big nipple.
Mom’s pussy was really frothing up and I was slipping in and out with ease. I was kissing her and necking with her when she said, OH MY! I think my babies trying to get Mommy pregnant! Your putting all that baby batter in me so you can make a baby with mama, aren’t you sweetheart?
Oh man. Just hearing her say that shit sent my balls over the edge. I started to cum! Oh good mom! I’m going to put a baby in you right now! Oh god! Hear I cum!!
I gave all I had to give into her sweating srceaming body as I slapped my balls off her ass. After that I dropped off into a peaceful sleep, cradled in my mom warm embrace.

The next day, we all sat down and decided to sell mom’s house and my two girls would live with me. Each knew I was fucking both of them, but it just seemed better, unsaid.
Kirti found out she was pregnant a month later, she gave birth to my son after she turned 15. We made some bullshit up about the father for other people’s sake, and of course, I would always be Uncle Nitin. But life was good. My mother and sister took care of me better than any man deserved, and the incredible pregnancy sex I had with my little sister, is something I will always remember. I’m still happy and more than satisfied with my two ladies. I am a very lucky man.

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