Mother and son special romance Part 5

“I love you, Maa. I want you suck me more until I come in your mouth. Please Maa! Let me come in your mouth. I was dreaming for that since long time. Please Maa”

As I said to my mother she just smiled seductively and replied,

“Why not, my son! I would like to please you in any ways. I’ll do anything you want me to. Just tell me, ok!”

Saying that my mother started to suck my dick eagerly. I watched her luscious lips engulf my dick and her head bobbed up and down. I couldn’t hold it any more. It was too much to me that my mother was sucking me. I explode and jet after jet of hot sticky cum erupts in her mouth. She swallow every drop of my cum and kept sucking me until I passed out. I lay there exhausted. Mother stood and went to toilet nakedly. After sometimes she came back and lay beside me looking at my face. As I recovered I turned and looked at her. we both smiled and move closer hugging each other. We mother-son kissed deeply again and enjoyed the moment.

“I love you too, my Son. I want you in me, so badly,” As she said and ran her fingers through my hair and stared very deeply in my eyes.

We both knew we were about to take the biggest step. We were about to consummate the forbidden act of incest. There was no looking back though there was more anticipation than fear. We were bonded so much that we needed to celebrate. I rolled over onto my mother and positioned myself above her by kneeling in between her thighs. She placed my hands on her shoulders and wrapped her legs around my waist. Reaching down my mother grabbed hold of my rigid dick and guided it into her pussy-lifting her hips off the bed in order to get full penetration. I slide in my mother’s pussy easily, like knife in the butter. Once I was fully inside her I paused for a moment to enjoy that sensation. It was everything I expected; I fantasised. I was in the heaven.

I started to move in and out her. My mother’s pussy seemed to grab hold of my dick like a vacuum and suck every last part of it. As I fucked her, I ran my hands all over-to her mouth, her tits, her ass. For her part, Mother was feeling as close to me as she ever had before. It seemed the joining her son with sex transported her to another galaxy where everything was fine and peaceful. Neither She nor me wanted that feeling to go away. We fucked slowly for the first few strokes, and then got into a faster rhythm as I got the hang of it. Unfortunately, neither mother nor I could last very long. I began trembling in the grasp of my Mother’s legs, and she could my dick swell inside of her.

“Shoot in me, Raja!! Shoot in your mother!!” she cried in joy as she reached for my dick.

I explode inside my mother’s pussy and let loose jolt after jolt of cum. I shouted happily as I jerked inside her, leaving a pool of teenage semen in her pussy. At the feel of my warm, incestuous cum in her, mother, too, began an incredible climax. She shoved her fingers in my back holding me so tight against her body as she leaked her juices all over my dick.

“Oooooh….Uggghhhh!!” she groaned loudly.

Mother’s orgasm was so intense that she was actually squirting her lovely fluid onto my dick! I hold her tight until she stopped and finished. I fell triumphantly onto her and she hugged me joyously as we kissed-our drenched genitals mingling with each other.

“That was incredible’ Maa!” I remarked grippingly. The look in my face was refreshing to Mother. I was really blown away by the whole experience. Furthermore, I could tell that she was in no way close to being done!

“I thought you would not like my old body but I’m so glad you liked it, Raja.” she said. “You know I enjoyed it too. I wished we had done this before, my Son.”

After about 15/20 minutes of petting and kissing and fondling, my cock was back and ready to go. Mother was dying to teach me more about sex, but she still wanted more of my meat in her at that point. She got on all fours on the bed and asked me to ram into her doggy-style. I was eager and plugged in her pussy from back and started fucking her again. She was very surprised that I knew so much about sex considering I was a virgin. My cock was hitting into her clit with every stroke, sending Mother into an utter frenzy.

I grabbed onto my mother’s breasts and fondled and groped them as my cock piston in and out of her cunt. I couldn’t believe what a fucking sex machine my mother was. As I fucked her I wanted to feel every bit of her. While groping her ass I even ran my thumb down her ass crack, stopping at the asshole for an extra rub. Again, we both climaxed nearly simultaneously. Mother sent her juices down on my dick and half the way I withdrew and came onto her ass last few jets. After climaxing, Mother fell face first onto the mattress and could feel my cum running into her ass crack and into the hole. That sensation must have wonderful for her as She reached around and rubbed my semen around.

After I sat on my mother’s back and massaged her neck. She moaned in approval at both the soothing massage and the feeling of her son’s dick resting on her back.

“Maa, do you want me to eat your puss…? I asked, “I’ve been dying to do it.”

Mother, of course, was more than happy to let me manipulate her pussy any way I could. She rolled over and commented,

“Hey! You want to do everything in one night ha! OK! If you wished, My body is yours tonight. Do anything you want with it.”

I smiled and moved down on my mother. I loved kissing her neck and dwelled on it for awhile. Then I cupped her tits sucking the nipples gently, making her heart flutter. I then passed her pussy altogether-instead licking and kissing her inner thighs, coated in her sweat and juices. I kept moving downward to her calves and feet, and she girlishly giggled at the way I touched them. Finally I moved upward and went to work on her vagina. Sucking its outer lips while my tongue probed the wet insides, and my nose was buried in her sweet smelling triangular of pubic hair. Her thighs tightly wrapped around my head and her feet beat into my back, as I sent her into fits when my tongue found her clit. Instinctively, Mother arched her hips upward so that I could really dig in, which I did dutifully.

This being the first time I tasted pussy, I was happily surprised at the taste of my mother. She was not too sour or bitter, like I heard many women are. It was almost a perfume taste. I couldn’t get enough. As she arched her hips, i buried my face in her-lapping up her juices while my tongue flicked away at her clit. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks as they were being lifted off the bed and cupped them while I ate away at her cunt. That move shocked and stimulated Mother to no ends.

“OOOOH!” she shouted.

The feeling of my tongue on her pussy was too overwhelming for my mother and she rewarded me efforts with a gush after gush of pussy cream. As she rubbed her genitals on my face, I couldn’t believe how much she was cumming that night. I emerged from in between her thighs with a drenched face and a smile. Mother quickly grabbed hold of me and began seductively licking my teenage face. She hugged and kissed me, thanking me for all I had done and promising there would be much more.

“I really can’t believe we did this, Maa. This was so great.”

I was wondering if I was making any sense, but I could tell from the tears welling up in my mother’s eyes that she understood. She kissed me gently and reaffirmed her love for me.

We both mutually agreed it was time to get some sleep. And so a naked 18-year-old son lay down and her naked 39-year-old mother curled up behind him and held him tight in an embrace. I slept soundly within the warmth that my mother’s body provided. A very activity-filled day left we quite spent. However, I was awoken from my deep sleep in the middle of the night by a wonderful feeling in my body. It didn’t take me long to realise that my mother was again sucking my dick. Positioned herself above me, my dick was in her mouth up to the hilt. she had her right leg draped over my shoulder showing her pussy right front of my face.

This was quite a wake up call for me-the best one I’d ever got at 3AM. I pulled her on my face by her hips and She helped me out by pushing her pussy back to my face as she drove my dick forward. Soon, we were both in 69. My mother was sucking my dick and I was sucking her pussy. Soon I came in her mouth again and little while she on me. Without a word, she rolled over and fell back to sleep, cradling Me even tighter.

That day marked the start of my apprenticeship as far as sex was concerned. From then on we screwed and fucked whenever we could. Sometimes it was in the kitchen, late at night when Father was asleep. Always when he was out somewhere. If we couldn’t screw I would touch mother up grabbing her breasts or squeezing her ass. She stopped wearing bra and panties underneath in the house so sometimes I was able to toss her off while we were alone in the same room.

My ultimate memory was fucking her, as she lay, naked, beside Father. He had came home drunk, fucked Mother and promptly passed out. I had watched him ‘perform’ and was seething with jealousy. Almost as soon as he had rolled off her and started snoring I was at her side. Mother motioned that we should go in my room but instead I pinned her to the bed and violently started kissing her. I was getting older, bigger and stronger and easily overpowered her. I climbed on top of her naked sweating body and slipped my rock-hard cock into her slippery cunt. I didn’t care that my father’s sperm was still inside her I wanted to ‘reclaim’ her from him as mine.

I fucked her the most violently I ever had. Neither of us would have cared if father woke up at that point, but maybe fortunately, he was too drunk to even stir. It was the only time we were ever that careless. We were both insatiable and couldn’t get enough of each other. Mother was finally happy again.


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