My aunt Komal

Hi readers, how are you doing? I’m Rahul 30 I returned home last April after 10 years away. I went off to university and then overseas working and then returned home. Two reason for returning, one to see everyone again and also to see my cousin/daughter Priya 10. My aunt Komal 33 only child, Komal is the youngest of 7 and my first lover.

When I was 18, I was out with Komal on the family Ranch and I seduced her and had sex with her a few times and Priya was the result. Komal isn’t really outgoing, shy and reclusive keeping to herself. She trusted me and I broke that trust by taking advantage of her.

The family was very angry with me, when they found out I had been sleeping with Komal and she had got pregnant. But she was several month pregnant before I found out. She told them I was the father and I was lucky not to be hung. Only my grandmother Priya stopped them, I was packed off to university. Young Priya is a bright girl and the apple of her great grandmothers eye. I returned to see both Priya’s and Komal and the rest of the family.

Don’t expecting a great welcome or any welcome, I arrived and I saw Grandma Priya first and Komal and got a cold welcome from others. Young Priya arrived home was school and she was the spitting image of Komal at that age. Komal was happy to see me and I was watched by the others closely. Old Priya told them It would change anything by dragging up the past. Young Priya didn’t know I was her father, only that I was her cousin.

With old Priya chaperoning I took young and Komal to the Capitol for the weekend and the four of us had a great time away from the others. Komal told me after young Priya was asleep that she was happy that I had got her pregnant and her having Priya. I stay for 2 weeks and then went to the Capitol to a new job, a week after I started Komal came to visit me by herself and wanted to stay with me.

We had sex again at her request and I took precautions this time, she stayed 4 days before returning. Komal is returning early next month for another visit and old Priya knows that we’re sleeping together. As long as I treat Komal right, she won’t say anything. The others aren’t happy she says, but Komal is and that the important fact for her. Old Priya and young Priya will come about a week later to visit also.

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