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She had a cleaned shaved cunt.i began sucking and licking her was so sweet and tasty.i began fingering her cunt licking her clit.she began humping and came.she said she was a virgin and would like to lose i laid her on her back took her legs over my shoulder.rubbed some saliva on my cock and pointed at her cunt.i pushed was so tight. i pushed a little harder and my cock went in until it hit her hymen.i told her it will hurt and she said to just go i pulled my cock back and pushed hard in and broke her hymen.she held onto me gasping hard.i stayed like that until she told me to fuck i began fucking her slowly.she began kissing me and moaning into my mouth.she looked so sexy getting fucked.i was playing with her tits.then she told me to fuck her i began fucking her hard and fast.she was cumming hard squirting all over me.then i took her on doggy style and entered her cunt from behind and fucked her.i started playing with her tight butt hole.i lubed my middle finger and slided in her butt.she moaned hard and began humping i kept on fucking her butt with 1 finger then 2 then 3 until she was loose enough to take my cock.

i lubed my cock and slided in her went in smoothly but she grabbed the sheets hard.i fucked her butt slowly at 1st but when she was moaning hard i fucked her butt so hard like it was a cunt.i fucked her ass for about 20 minutes and came in her butt gushing loads of cum in her butt.then i sucked all the cum out of her butt and swapped in her mouth and she swallowed all.then she licked my cock clean.then we took a shower together.even in the shower she wanted to get fucked so i fucked both her holes.then we were in the sitting room when Misha came home.she asked if we had any plans. We said no but what did she had in mind.she said lets go to the beach cuz it will be not crowded cuz it was a we packed things we needed and left.we got their after a 30minute drive.i told them to go to the changing room to change but Misha said no need and pulled her pants and panties off and wore her bikini bottom more like a g string showing all of her huge butt.then she pulled her top off revealing her huge tits.then she wore her bikini was so small just barely covering her nipples.Tarun did the same.i also changed but wrapping the towel to cover. then we rubbed sun lotion on each other and laid to get some sun.we laid their for about half an hour then went for a swim.their were nobody on the beach except the girls took off their bikini tops off.i got an instant i was staying under water to hide my boner.we were having fun throwing water and pulling each other under water.1 time Misha went down and pulled my shorts down to my ankles.she got up and started laughing then came to me and whispered you want a relief from that boner.

i said yes and Misha began stroking my cock under water.then she went down and sucked my cock.Tarun came and began rubbing her moms tits and ass.Misha sucked my cock for a while and got up.she arched her back and pushed her ass against my cock.then i inserted my cock in her cunt and fucked her.i grabbed her huge titties she was moaning hard.the Tarun began sucking her moms hard nipples.then Tarun went under water and began licking Misha’s clit and it took Misha off the edge and she came trembling.then we went to the beach i laid Tarun on the sand on her back and fucked her cunt until she came.then i got her into doggy style and Misha began tongue fucking her daughters asshole and fingered until she was loose.then i fucked her ass hard and fast.then i laid them on 69 with Misha on top and began tongue fucking her ass.Tarun was eating her moms pussy and Misha was doing the same to Tarun.then i entered my cock in Misha’s butt and fucked her so hard and fast she was cumming and squirting so much.then i was about to come and Misha told me to cum in her butt.i came in her butt gushing loads of cum.then my limp cock fell out of her ass.Misha got up and sat on her daughters face and Tarun sucked all the cum out of her ass and they both swapped cum.then we got in the water cleaned up got clothed and left to go home.

Tarun was in the back seat.she fell asleep.i was driving and Misha started playing with my cock.she got my cock out and started sucking my was so difficult to drive while she sucked my cock.i was playing with her cunt.she was wearing a skirt without panties.then she got up and sat on my cock which went right in her i couldn’t drive so i stopped at a side and began kissing her.she was riding my cock hard.she she got up and pushed her ass right at my face.i began licking her ass.then fingered her ass.then she sat on my cock in her ass and rode my cock hard in her ass.she was humping for about 20mins then i came in her ass.she got up and once again pushed her butt in my face so i sucked all the cum and swapped with her.then drove was about 18:00 Tarun told that her guy friend Lalit was coming over for dinner and if it was ok.i said they made a good dinner.we all showered and got ready.Misha came to me and said be ready for an amazing time and just do as she say.Lalit came around 18:45.Lalit was a nerd guy.14yrs old.

we welcomed him and went to eat dinner.after dinner we began eating dessert which was ice cream.then Misha got up came to me and told me to get up.then she pulled my pants and boxer down and took it off.she told me to get up on the table.then she took both my legs up her shoulder and splashed ice cream on my butt hole and licked the ice cream off my butt hole.Lalit was looking with amazed eyes.Tarun was smiling and her hand was under the table so i guess she was playing with her pussy.then she splashed ice cream on my cock and sucked my cock.god it was the best blowjob i ever got.then she went near Lalit and took him up.pulled his pants and boxer off.sat him on the table and did the same as she did to me.1st licked and sucked his asshole with ice cream then his cock.which was 5inches.Tarun came to me and was sucking on my cock.then i took all of her clothes off and laid her on the table.and rubbed ice cream on her cunt and ass.i tongue fucked her ass then cunt until she came.then Tarun began sucking Lalits cock.i rubbed ice cream on Mishas ass and cunt and ate her pussy and ass until she came.

Then Lalit grabbed my cock and stroked it.i was shocked.i never did it with a guy.then Lalit began to lick and suck my was different but i liked.i laid on the table in 69 with Lalit on top.Lalit was sucking my cock and playing with my asshole.i did the same and sucked his cock and fingered his ass.Misha and Tarun was pleasing each other.then i got Lalit on 69 and entered my cock in his was so tight.but he told me to fuck his i fucked his ass hard and fast.then Lalit asked if he can fuck my ass.i said he fucked my ass doggy style.i kinda liked it.then the girls wanted to get i fucked Misha in both her holes.Lalit fucked Tarun’s both holes.we swapped fucked did everything to please everyone.i came in Lalits ass and Tarun sucked and swapped the cum.Lalit came in my ass and Misha sucked all the cum out of my ass and swapped.we told Lalit to keep the secret so we can have more fun in the we had more fun times every chance we got.

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