My hot aunt Komal

Aunt Komal 51 widow no children lives next to our farm, about three miles don the road. Our family looks after her farm as well as ours, since Dinesh died five years ago. Komal has got a little strange since then, she is into the occult and thinks she a witch. Nobody in our family really worries about it, we let her do what she wants. While in the city I came across an old bookshop and went in for a look. I enjoy reading and found some books I wanted and also got some for Vibha my mother Komal’s sister, who would rather read a book than watch TV. That’s probably where I get my interest in reading from, also they a had a magic/occult section and I had a look thru it as well.

I didn’t pick out any for Komal as I didn’t know what she already had. On my way home on the train, I was going thru their web on my laptop and reading about different books. In the occult section, there were a lot of weird books and then I came across one on how to become a more powerful witch, etc. I looked it up on the internet and found it was really weird. But it had a ritual to gain more power and incantations, So I read some these, nothing special till to ritual of union. It was simple.

A witch or witches coven would mate with a warlock or suchlike in the middle of a pentagram. I thought to be interesting and ordered the book. Also, I did some studying on warlocks and witches. Not expecting to get any powers, but maybe to creep out my friends this coming Halloween. Once the book arrived I read it and wasn’t really impressed with it after I finished reading I gave it to Komal. She asked me was I interested in magic, I replied I had dreamt about it and got the book just to see what it was about.
She took the book home and about a week later, she called me over to see her. On my arriving, she asked was I still interested in witchcraft. I said I was still thinking about it. She wanted me to go with her on her next trip to a gathering of witches, I wasn’t sure I should go. But I could see it would make her happy, so I agreed. I didn’t know what to expect and Vibha said I should go to watch out for Komal.
At 23 I’m into most things and decided why not have a look at want they got up too at these gatherings. My father Lalit said They ride around on goats backward and prance about in the woods. So I went with Komal and met her fellow coven members, I mainly watched their rituals and joined them at a special dinner. They went up to a cabin in the woods and pranced about naked, after this, they started heading off home. But Komal wanted to stay at the cabin a bit longer and I stayed with her. After everyone else had gone she when to the cabin and went inside.

I followed and on entering it found a large pentagram made out black stones in the otherwise greystone floor. I hadn’t expected that I just looked around the cabin. Then Komal asked me would I like to help her become a better witch. I replied Alright, How. She replied By fucking in the middle of the pentagram. I was shocked a bit but said I’m not a Warlock or anything like that.
But you are interested in witchcraft and have read about it, according to my books that is all you need to be she responded. With that she undressed, I stood there not knowing what to do. But knowing if I refused she would really upset and would become sad and distance like when uncle Dinesh died. It took nearly two years before anyone could get her smiling again. Not wanting to be the cause of that, especially after I gave her the book I agreed. So we had sex on the stone floor in the center of the pentagram.
After we had finished I sat beside her, I had enjoyed the sex and soon I was thinking of asking her to do it again. I didn’t need to ask as my cock became rigid again and she said Looks like we have to fuck again while pointing to my cock. Three times I fucked her before we left the cabin and back to our motel for the night. We had dinner in their restaurant and then back to our room.
Komal went for a shower and I was sitting on my bed and then decided to see if she was interested in having sex with me. I went into the bathroom and asked her If I could join her, she agreed and I got into the shower with and we had sex again after. I also got a fuck before we headed home in the morning and I’ve fucked her regularly this then. Vibha has noticed that Komal is more cheerful since our trip and thinks she is becoming her old self again.

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