My incest relation with my mother-3

and once again i inched my way closer to her and spooned her yet again, this time i heard an “ugh” right away and she turned around to face me. i kept me eyes closed, she stayed that way for a few minutes before saying “i cant do that…” i had no idea what she was talking about. I pretended to continue being asleep, not knowing if she is watching me to try and catch me or what was going on, so to not risk getting caught i just laid still and pretended to be asleep.

A minuter or 2 later i heard her take a deep breath and then move a bit, i didnt know what happened so i stayed still.
I felt the blanket move from my legs again, i was scared she was going to see my boner and get mad, but instead she felt around my crotch, a few pats, then a few seconds later i felt her brush her hand against my cock. Involuntary reflex took over and my cock twitched i heard her gasp and say “oh my gaw, even in sleep…..”

Since i didnt move myself, she thought i was still sleeping, so she touched my cock through my pants some more. Gotta tell you it felt amazing to have her touch it, even though it was through my pants and underwear it still felt great. Then something amazing happened. She laid down next to me and pushed her butt right against my cock. I was in disbelief but stunned and didnt move. Ift felt great as she was gently pushing her ass against my cock. She stayed like that for a few minutes and then started grinding a bit. I couldnt take it anymore my harmones were sky high and the pleasure was intense. Pretending im still asleep, i reached over and hugged her again, spooning once more. She embraced my hug and cupped my hand to make it tighter. I coudlnt believe it, my mom was gringng against my cock and having me hold her by her stomach.

After a few moments like this i needed more, i wanted to reach up and grab her tits but then she would know i was awake. But she did it for me, she moved my hand to her breast, it felt amazing, i was upset that i couldnt squeeze it but enjoyed it anyways. She had me very close to my orgasm and I knew if i came i would lose control and grab her tits and pull her super close and she would know im awake.

So i pretended to start waking up and she stopped grinding almost immediately. I kept holding her and nuzzled in a bit closer. She said my name and asked if i was awake. I said yeah, whatsup?
She told me that i kept getting close to her and holding her like this.
I said i was sorry but didnt stop holding her.

She said , you are holding me right now too.
I knew she was enjoying it too and in that moment i had to push this further
i said “well its not like you are pushing me away, so you must like it too”
mom “well, i dont mind it but……”
Me *cutting her off* ” well then lets just enjoy”
mom “ok……….”
I started gently kneeding her tits
mom “Jatin……..”
me “yes mom”

mom “are you always hard?”
me “what do you mean?” in disbelief
mom “you have had a boner all night”
me ” really? how do you know?
mom “…..well since you have been holding me, i can feel it”
me “no, but something happened a few days ago and i havent been able to get rid of it” refering to grabing her in the ktchen.
mom “When i showered you?”
Me” no, but that didnt help either”
mom “well?”
me ” when were were in the kitchen and i fell on you, i felt your ass, had me turned on instantly”
mom “Jatin!!!!”
me ” what, you asked so i told you”

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