My mom’s anniversary gift

Hi, this is my first incest story. I was twenty and home from school. I got worked up one day and I decided to strip out of my clothes. It was her anniversary. I was working on getting my cock good and hard when my Mom barged into my bedroom. Damn, I had forgotten to lock my door. Mom stood there and took a long look at my dick. For some reason I kept stroking myself.

Mom came over and sat down on the bed. She was in her early forties with long, dark hair and a killer body. To my surprise she reached out and took hold of my dick. She began stroking me and telling me how hot my cock was. I was totally shocked but I didn’t say a word. After a few moments my Mom lowered her face and took me in her mouth. I threw my head back as she took me down to the root.

I had to control myself. I didn’t want to blow my load so quickly. Mom got my dick all slicked up. She stopped and stood up. I watched her undress. Mom’s pussy was shaved down to a dark slit. Her tits were medium sized with pink nipples. She climbed up onto the bed with me. She straddled me and I soon felt her pussy lips touching my dick head.

Mom lowered herself down and engulfed my cock. I guess we both lost it right then. I reached up and squeezed her tits with both hands.

“Oh fuck!” My Mom cried out. She wanted my cock as a gift!!

We got into a deep fucking. I brought my ass up and fed her every hard inch. I could feel Mom’s muscles gripping me completely. I just couldn’t believe what was happening. Mom slid up and down my hard shaft. I never wanted anyone as much as I did my Mom that day. Mom eventually pulled off. She got onto her back. I slid in between her thighs. I guided my cock into place and entered her again.

Mom strapped her legs around my waist. I placed my arms onto either side of her body. I ended up pounding her pussy as hard and deep as I could. I wish I could tell you how long we ended up fucking. Maybe it was a half an hour. I came to the point where I couldn’t hold on any longer. I flooded my Mom with my hot seed.

Mom’s eyes got wide. I felt her muscles tighten around me. That made me cum even harder. I just kept filling my Mom’s tummy with my white cum. A few minutes passed and I felt empty. I slowly pulled out and looked down. My white juice came spilling out. Mom’s body was shaking. She just rested there for some time. I lowered my face to hers and we kissed.

Mom got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back we talked. My Mom and Dad didn’t have sex much these days, she told me. Something snapped when she saw my hard cock. She said we had to keep this a secret between us. Mom did use her mouth to clean up my cock. She licked up all of our love juices.

When my Dad came home it was like nothing had happened between us. We started becoming lovers every time my Dad was out of the house. I never had to use a condom. It felt so good taking my Mom with my bare cock. Mom said she loved feeling my cum squirting into her pussy. We also tried out a few positions. Mom would get on all fours and I would take her from behind.

I would place my hands on her shoulders and pull her into my body. Sometimes I would take hold of her long hair and pull her back onto my shaft. We would also lie on our sides. I would lift a leg up and slide my cock into place. Mom would get loud when we fucked. She would scream out for me to take her pussy. I did that and more.

I finally got to sample my Mom’s ass. She thought I was going to slide into her pussy. My mushroom found her ass and I pushed in. God, did my Mom cry out. She said for me to go slow and easy. I was able to get all eight inches completely into her chute. Mom’s ass muscles were so tight. I couldn’t go as long as I wanted. She made me pop my load by squeezing my dick.

Summer is winding down. We have been fucking like mad. I have told Mom I would try and get home more than usual. One of the last times we fucked, Mom told me to seed her eggs. I gave her a large load of my cream that time. I asked her afterward what she meant. Mom said she got carried away. She had been having fantasies of me impregnating her belly.

I asked her if she was serious about that. She said we could think about it for the time being. I am back at school now. I was seeing someone but I don’t get the same urges as when I am with my mother. I do think about what Mom said. What would happen if I did seed my Mom. I will have to wait to get home again and see how things play out between us.

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