My stepmom Babita

It was my 19th birthday. I officially felt like a real adult. I sat up in my bed with a smile on my face. I was so excited to be 19. I stood up and put on my normal casual outfit, T-shirt and shorts. I headed downstairs. I lived alone with my stepmom. Both my mom and dad had left me during my life. My mom left when I was 2 and my dad got remarried and divorced her 4 years ago. I’d become very attached to my stepmom, Babita. So when my dad left I stayed with my stepmom. She had never gone out on dates so we were codependent on each other but I knew she had other needs, so did I. I didn’t think of Babita as a stepmom as far as I was concerned she was my real mom. Over time we’d become so close. We both needed each other.

One thing that sometimes made me uncomfortable was my developed crush on her. Sure she was my mom but she was smoking hot. She had big tits, a firm bubble butt, long blonde hair, and shiny light blue eyes. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever met. Of course I had a crush on her, all my friends talked about her but I ignored it and watched her myself. I felt the same my friends did.

She was a MILF but I had to hold back she was my mom. My stepmom was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey birthday boy!” She exclaimed trapping me in her arms.
She squeezed me tight pressing my chest to her tits.
“Hey mommy,” I said kissing her on the cheek.
“What’s the plan for the day?” I added.
“Well first I thought we’d go eat some breakfast. Then we’ll hang out for a bit then we can open your gifts,” She said.
“sounds great,” I responded.

She smiled and kissed me on my cheek. “Maybe I’ll even give you a sneak peek of your big present,” she smirked.
I smiled back and she walked to the kitchen. I followed her into the kitchen. She pulled things out of the fridge and from cabinets. “I’m gonna make you a big breakfast,” she said.

“But you’re only making enough for one,” I said.
“I’m having something else you’ll see,” she smirked.
I didn’t know what she was talking about so I went and sat down at the table. Soon she came out with a plate in her hands. She set it down in front of me. “Thanks,” I said looking at the plate.
She didn’t respond but just stared st me and licked her lips. I couldn’t imagine what she could possibly be thinking.
I finished my plate. “Ready for your sneak peek?” She giggled.
“Sure,” I said.

A smile went from cheek to cheek. She came close to me staring me directly in the eyes. She knelt down and began unbuckling my pants. “Wait what the fuck!” I yelled.
“Oh come on I see how you look at me. Always looking at my big titties. I look at you the same. I always want to see your huge cock. I’ve seen little glimpses but I want to feel it. And I bet you wanna feel mommy’s titties maybe suck on my nipples right?” She asked.

She stood back up running her finger along my body as she stood up. “I know you want me and I want you,” She said leaning into me kissing my neck.
I pushed her away. “Let’s do this then,” I said.
I pulled her in and kissed her deep and passionate. I grabbed her ass lifting her in the air while I kissed her. Our tongues tied in the middle as we kissed. “Such a good kisser. And such soft hands,” She said as she broke the kiss for a full second.

I carried her all the way to the couch. I set her down and leaned over her and kept kissing. I rubbed my hard cock against the wet fabric covering her pussy. I pulled up her dress so my dick rubbed on her g string covered pussy. I kissed her neck while she moaned and screamed in delight. “Such a good son. OH YESSS!” She screamed.
I kissed her neck and licked it a little bit. I broke the kiss and unveiled my hard cock. “So what do you want to do first birthday boy? BJ or right into it,” mom asked.
“Let’s go with a BJ,” I said.
“Good choice,” she responded.
She pulled off her dress revealing her huge tits and bare ass. She kept the g string on. “Lay down,” She commanded.

I did as she said. She licked up my legs until her mouth was on my balls. She sucked on my sack keeping it in. It felt amazing the pull of her mouth on my balls. I grabbed her hair and pushed her down further into my balls. “MMPH!” She moaned sucking on my huge balls.
I pulled her head off my balls and pushed her mouth onto my cock. She moaned again while sucking. The sound of her spit swishing on my cock made me feel amazing. I put my hands on her head and made her suck faster. “Oh yes mommy!” I yelled.

“You like that baby,” she asked pulling away for a second.
“You know it,” I responded.
She deepthroated it and sputtered before coming back up. I forced her down a second time. She choked and pushed up. I stood up and she kneeled down. She pushed her tits out and I started fucking her tits. The tip of my cock reached her mouth so it was getting worked twice. “Oh yes mommy!” I yelled.

She looked at me smiling. I went faster. Faster and faster. I thought maybe just release and keep going but I held in my cum. “Let’s fuck,” I said.
She smiled and bent herself over the couch. I pulled her g string aside and fucked her cunt.
She screamed and I came inside her.

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