My uncles and me take mom

My father was leaving for his Dubai Company. I felt sad I would miss him. He had got so much stuff for me from there 2 months ago when he came. It was a time when I would peek from my room next doors to see him fucking my mom. My mom was 38 then with big tits that accentuated more with the type of short blouse she wore. She had these massive thighs which went up to become huge buttocks. I would see them from the bathroom door that wouldn’t close well, as the wood would swell up when wet. Well his leave had finished and we had to come stay at my grandparent’s house. A week till he left was ok. Then on I realized my mom was still dressing up sexily with her sari tied low showing her big deep navel and sleeveless blouses.

The cut on those would be low enough to show her white boob flesh. Till after noon she would be in her flimsy nightie, I had seen my father’s brothers looking at her ass as she walked around the house. Her big ass cheeks would rub against each other, sometimes the nightie stuck in between them. The best part would be when she served us food she would have to bend down and right from my grandfather to my uncles would be looking down her cleavage. I would get so horny looking at all this. I started noticing that my elder uncle would sometimes accidentally brush against my mom and then apologize. This was happening too often, my mom wouldn’t say a thing but just smile. I guess this made him much bolder as he would then squeeze her ass when nobody was looking. My younger uncle was no less; he would caress her fingers when she would be passing him some food and let his fingers stay on hers. One night as I slept with my mom, I heard her get up and go to the bathroom.

I would have fallen asleep but something seemed to not working in the bathroom. It was the water tap. My mom went out and called my older uncle to come and see what was wrong. I pretended to be asleep as my uncle came in the room. The bathroom was right in front and could see my mother and uncle inside trying to get the tap fixed. As they were doing something the tap broke and water gushed out wetting both my uncle and mom. They both came out of the bathroom drenched. My uncle had a hard on and one could see why. My mother’s nightie was fully wet and her nipples could be seen. My uncle told her to remove it, she just looked at my side and seeing me asleep just started removing her nightie in front of him. My uncle caressed her tits tweaking them in between his forefinger and thumb. My mom stood there in her panties as my uncle pinched her nipples.

The door again opened and this time it was my younger uncle, he came in and kept looking at what was going on. After a while he just knelt behind my mother and started lowering her panties. His face was in her ass. He was licking her ass crack trying to put his finger in her cunt from behind. All this while my older uncle was sucking her tits. It was uncomfortable I think so they got her to the bed. We slept in separate beds. So they lay her down on hers and my uncle climbed on top with his black cock and sat on her boobs. He fed his cock directly into her mouth. He made her suck on the cock as he bucked shoving his cock in and out. My younger uncle was sucking her fat cunt, I couldn’t see much as her legs were raised but whenever she put them down I could see his face covered with her juices. My elder uncle got off her chest and motioned my other uncle to move up, he now wanted my mother’s pussy. He got between her legs and stood there looking at her hole. He held his cock in his hand and started rubbing her cunt lips with his cock head. When it got really wet he shoved it in side her cunt. He then pulled my mom down to the end of the bed so he could stand and fuck her.

He was holding on to her fleshy thighs as he banged her. His balls were slapping her ass crack. My younger uncle was getting his cock sucked when my mom started cumming. My elder uncle also emptied his load in to her belly. Now it was my younger uncle’s turn, he was more adventurous. He turned her and entered her cunt from behind. He didn’t mind his brothers cum in her cunt. He was wild with lust as he pumped his cock in and out of her cunt, holding her big ass cheeks for support. He came in no time. My mom was so exhausted that she just flopped down on the bed. She was on her stomach only when she fell sleep. My uncles went back to their rooms. I was so horny at that time that I couldn’t think straight; I too wanted some of that fat cunt. I thought no matter what I should do it; it was now or never. I got up and lowered my pajamas; my little cock had really become very stiff. I parted my mom’s legs till I could see her cunt nestled between her thighs. She didn’t even bother to turn as I slipped my cock into the hole where my two uncles had put their sperms. It took me just a few stokes to cum into her cunt. Quickly I took my cock out wiped it with the pajamas and went to sleep in my bed.

I would always remember her open cunt with cum dripping out of it and her ass all red with the groping it had got. From next morning on wards I felt my mom was a public property as my uncles openly pressed her boobs and fingered her pussy under the table. At times my grandfather would also join in. I would get a chance whenever she was fucked. I liked that.

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