My younger childhood years

I am writimg this sorry from memories of my younger childhood years, my older brother at the time was a junior in hight school and I was in eight grade. I am a very sound sleeper so I had no idea what has been happening to me up until I would say half way through my 8th school year. I would wake in the mornings and noticed that my panties where soaked lime I might have peed or something, this went on for several weeks when finally I asked my mom if she could make a doctors appointment for me.

After explaining my concerns with the dictor, he said I was prob having a girls version of a wet dream, then he went on to explain that to me, how embarrassed I was!!!!. Any way he said it was normal and since I have started already started the puberty process he said that I will be having certain hormonal shifts that will change my girlish body into the makimgs of a womans body.

i was relieved to here there was nothimg seriously wrong! Well a couple night later I was having a heard time going to sleep, i was going to get up and get something to drink when I heard a noise that startled and scared me! As both my parents worked night shifts only ones home was us 7 kids with my older brother in I listen to see if I could make out the sound I heard my door creek open I was scares shitless I didn’t know if I should screen or just lay still, i chose the later. I was laying frozen trying to make out who or what was coming in my room, all I could see was a rather tall man and looked to be in nothing but his underwear.

I was still frozen when I felt him sit on the side of my bed then he reached under the covers and started to rub my small breasts then moved his hand to my pussy, i was shocked and scared, then he leand over and started to kiss and blow hot air into my pussy, then he pulled them to the side and started to lock me, this sent like lightning bolts through my body and I almost gasped.

he kept this up for awhile till he used one hand to lift my leg to the side as so my leg bent at the I ee and was laying off to the side, after that he really had good access to my pussy, and he went to town on it, i started to feel a strange feeling starting to come over me then bam!!! It hit me my first aware orgasm, i felt it gush from me and it seemed like a lot after that he git up then pulled his underwear down and placed his cock at my pussy and pushed this scared me as I new what sex was but never dreamed of doing it especially like this.

he pushed inside me and I felt full and had an somewhat uncomfortably pleasure, after a few min of him pushimg in and out of me he stopped and I felt him twitching then I felt a wet sensation running down my ass crack. After be pulled out he left. I reached down and I was soaked!!! Was this what was happening to me ? So foe the next couple of nights I layed and waited to see if the intruder would come back, after about 3 nights with no shows I was just about to fall into la la land when I heard my door open.

He walked over say on my bed reached up to squeeze my breast but this time I had nothing on as well as nothing on below, when he saw this he went straight down on me and started to lock me again, this time i reached down and put my hands on his head and held him there as I spread my lega wide for him to get a better angle of my pussy to eat.a when I came he crawled up and placed his cock at my opening and started to enter me this time I was wide open for him and once he was all the way in I wrapped my legs around d him so he couldnt pull away, then he said my name!! And I knew who it was!!! It was my older brother Stephen!!

I was shocked and scares confused horny all at the same time, but this time when he came he didnt pull out when he was done he just layed there and we actually started to talk and he told me how he accidently walked in on me when I was in the shower and he saw my naked body and it triggered somthimg in him, i told him that inwent to the doctor because I thought somthimg was wrong with me cause i kept waking up soaked. We laughed and he was hard again this time he brought my lega up to his chest so he could go even deeper than just an inch or two before, when he pushed in I felt that uncomfortable pressure again!

Then he pushed even harder then I felt this extremely sharp pain rush through my pussy all the way up into my belly and as fast as the pain was there it started to pass quickly, later i found that he actually ripped through my hyme and took my cherry. We fucked for the next 2 hears till he graduated high school and foe my last to years of hight school he and I fucked a lot, that was 40 years ago and he and ibwill still try and fuck when we see each other to this day .

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