Richa and her brother Lalit

A few weeks had passed since Richa began fucking her brother Lalit. She was so in love with him and loved spending every night being fucked by him. She had even learned to deep throat his entire cock. She woke up one day and found Lalit packing his bag. He said that his boss was sending him to a week long training seminar. Richa kissed him and said that she would miss him. Lalit kissed her back and finished packing. Richa sat on their bed and watched as he finished packing and left. After what seemed like hours, she walked downstairs to make something to eat. She began making a sandwich when she was grabbed from behind. Richa turned around and saw her mother there smiling.

Richa greeted her mother and asked if she was hungry. Her mother said yes and sat on the counter. They began talking about their relationship with Lalit and learning some differences about how he fucked them like he would only fuck their mother bare, but almost always used a condom with Richa. They ate their meal and continued to dish and talk about all kinds of things. After a while, her mother started to drink and offered Richa some. Richa rarely drank, but decided to let loose have a glass or two.

As Richa drank, she started feeling good. Her mother asked her about her sexual experiences before Lalit. Richa confessed that the threesome they had was her first time and that her and Lalit have been fucking almost every day since then. Richa closed her eyes and continued on how good it felt to fuck her brother until she felt a hand start rubbing her pussy. She opened her eyes and saw her mother next to her, naked and rubbing her.

Richa reached up and began to kiss and tongue her mouth. Her mother knelt down and stopped rubbing and started to lick her clit and finger her tender wet lips. Richa took off her nightie and started to play with her nipples while her mother licked and sucked on her clit until Richa felt her body go rigid and came hard. Her mother licked every drop up and swallow it all.

Richa was recovering when her mother pulled her face into her pussy and said your turn, now make mommy cum. Richa buried her face deep in her mom’s pussy and began to explore her pussy. She parted her lips and began to lick her pussy while brushing her clit with her nose. Her mother grabbed Richa by her hair and pushed her face deeper inwards. She started to moan and grind on Richa’s face while Richa started to eat her pussy with more enthusiasm. Richa tasted her mother’s juices start to flow and knew she had to get her to cum.

She took two of her fingers and started fingering her mother faster and faster until she felt her mother cum on her fingers. Her mother grabbed her hand and started sucking the juices from her fingers before kissing Richa passionately. Richa asked if she did a good job. Her mother told her that it was great and that while Lalit was out of town, they would be lovers. Richa smiled and said great. Richa and her mother went upstairs to bed. Her mother laid naked next to her while she laid there and wondered what was going happen next.

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