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Hi friends, welcome to free indian sex stories. This story is about my sister Richa. My sister Richa 21 is a hoarder of barbie dolls, she claims its a collection. But she has over a thousand of them. Recently a rare doll first release doll came up for sale, it was way out of her price range. She wanted it so bad, but there was no way she could get it.

That were I came in I’m the oldest of 5 and Richa is the youngest, I’ve made success in my career as computer game programmer and at 34 have my own house and investment properties. I not married and haven’t had much success with females. Unless I pay for it, it was the first Sunday of May and Richa came over to see me. A rare event and I knew she wanted something. But she didn’t asked straight out what she wanted and just made small talk.

So I finally asked her what she wanted and she showed a picture the barbie doll he wanted. I said What is made of gold, for that price it should be. She tried to convince me it would be a good investment, but I wasn’t buying it. Finally she said I will trade something you want, if you buy me the doll. Like what do you have that I would want I asked.

A female body she responded, shocked by this I finally asked What are you suggesting. I will let you fuck me for six, no twelve months. Your making fun of me I said. No I’m serious and if you agree now you can fuck me now she offered. I said It’s a auction and we might miss out on it I said. Then no more sex if we miss out, but you can fuck me everyday you want to the auction She said.

Richa has a very sexy body and I get hard on just thinking about her. Are you really sure you want to do this and won’t hate later I asked. Yes I’m sure and I won’t hate you she answered. To help me make up my mind she undressed completely and stood naked in front me. I couldn’t resist and agreed and she took my hand and led me to my bed.

She had me undress and lay on my back and she started to stroke and kiss me and worked her way down my body. My cock was as hard as a rock. When she got to it she stroke and started to suck it, I couldn’t hold my cum back and I just warned her before coming. She didn’t stop sucking my cock and took all my cum in her mouth and swallowed it all. She then sat on my face and told how to lick her out, after that she went to my cock and got again and mounted me.

I blew my second inside her and we later a shower together and we had great sex almost every day up to the auction. We both attended the auction and the barbies was a hot item and there was a few bidders besides us. After the bidding had being going a while I made a large bid over the top of the last bid and it almost did the trick. As the other bidders stop bidding except for 1 and so I repeated by bidding another larger bid and that done it.

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