Richa has a very sexy body-2

We got the doll, almost twice what it was expected to get. Richa promise me I wouldn’t regret it, as we were in the city for the auction we stayed overnight, before returning home. Richa was so happy that she had the doll she said to I’m now your sex slave anything you want to try with a woman you can do to me. I just looked at her and then she added I’m a anal virgin, so you will have to take easy the first time if want to do anal. I hadn’t thought of anal and wasn’t keen on that. But I said I would like to try some different positions and made roll play sex.

Alright she said and she undressed, I’ve been getting sex everyday since and reckon it the best investment I’ve made. If I was paying for the sex I’m got so far I would have almost paid for the doll already and I’ve just over a eleven months to go. Our parents are go to move to the city and were surprised Richa said She want to stay in our hometown. She said I can stay with Harry and I’ll be alright, my parents told her I might not want a house guest as I like my privacy.

That with strangers she said and rang me and told me that our parent going move to the city and that she wanted to here and she wanted to live with me. It would okay by you, Harry for me to stay with you. I was taken by surprise and said it’s no problem, your most welcome to stay with me. So this coming weekend Richa is moving in with me and told that she will use the bedroom to store her collection and she will share my bed. I can’t wait, my mother was quite surprised as she thought I wasn’t keen on having visitors.

But Richa keeps telling her that she is family not a stranger and mother is happy I won’t alone. Me and Richa were fucking yesterday and mother turned up with curtains she was getting rid of and thought that would do for me. We were lucky she called out and didn’t straight into the house. As I was fucking Richa in the lounge room. We were able to dress quickly and go out help her unload her car. She stayed and directed us how to hang the curtains, Richa only had a dress on and nothing underneath.

She also had cum running down her legs, I had a cum stain on my jeans. Mom didn’t notice anything, after we had coffee and sat talking in the kitchen. I was happy when she left. Richa burst out laughing, saying I looked mortified the whole time. Richa gave me a blowjob in the shower and then left. Saying I’m going to drain your balls all weekend.

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