Sex with Kalpana and Payal

I have a sexual interest in mature women and being from very well off family, I don’t need to work. I was home alone except for the cleaning lady Payal 56 shapely and on cornering her in the laundry I was able to fuck her for the first time. Over the following weeks got sex at least twice a week from her.

Payal is an illegal immigrant so would give sex anytime I got her alone. Last month the rest of the family when out and I was home alone with Payal, so I went and found Payal and was fucking her in my room. When my mother Kalpana 52 returned home early and caught us in the act.

Payal was afraid that she would be sacked and deported, but Kalpana said It was my fault and she Payal could have the rest of the day off with pay and she should return as usual tomorrow. Payal dressed and left, then Kalpana turn her attention to me David 19 still naked. First she asked How long had I been fucking Payal. I lied and said A coupler of weeks, not the three months I had been doing it.

Well your a horny little piece of shit she said, then added Here I am playing with myself almost everyday and your father 75 can’t get it up and my son fucking the hired help. I didn’t know what to say and looked at her dumfounded. She then undress and grabbing my arm took me into my bathroom and we showered together. After we dried each and returned to my bed and I fucked her. This was the start of my sexual relationship with my mother.

Payal kept her job and Kalpana had her join us and even had her move into the house as live in cleaning lady. While I fuck Payal, Kalpana get Payal to lick her out. When my father went away on a business trip. The three of us sleep in Kalpana’s bed every night. My other Siblings are rarely home and I’ve to checkout my aunt Amanda 50 mom’s sister as well.

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