Story of my incest experience

I’m Lalit 34 single, only child of Karan (passed on) and Komal 70 and was 35 when she got pregnant with me. My parents were both well off when they met and done even better after they married. Komal told me that she wanted me to marry and settle down and to that end, she had a clause in her will that if I wasn’t in a relationship with children or having a child by the time I was 36.

All her estate would go to a charity, I wasn’t to worried by that I thought I could get to change her mind. But Komal had a stroke and the doctors said it was a bad one. Even if she recovered, she wouldn’t be able to do much and there was a real chance of another stroke. So if I wanted to inherit I would have find a wife.

The problem was I didn’t know anyone I could get to marry me or carry a child for me. I was at the hospital and my cousin Priya 30 came to see Komal, Priya is my only cousin on my father’s Karan side by his older sister Shipra. Komal doesn’t have any siblings or close relatives now. Priya owns a book shop, she inherited for her parents. While talking to her I found that her shop wasn’t doing well in today’s online world. I started to get an idea and it could solve both our problems.

After Priya had seen Komal and was about to leave her if we talk. She agreed and got coffee and sat together in the hospital garden. I asked her how was the book shop and she said She will soon have to close it. I asked Do you want to close it. No I love that shop and will do anything to keep it open she answered. Well I might know a way we could both get what we want, but you must hear me out before responding I said. Okay what is it she asked.

Well Komal isn’t doing well and she told me that in her will there was a condition That I must be married or in a relationship with or 1 on the way before I’m 36 or it all goes to charity. So if you and I marry and or have a child together we can share the money. What do you think I inquired. Your joking aren’t you She said. No I’m dead serious and I will be 35 in a couple of months I answered.

You want me to marry you and have a child with you, that’s incest she responded. So what it’s what the rich and royals have done since the start of record history I replied. We can’t marry were cousins she said. I said So Kings married their Sisters and in some cases their mothers. How can we marry they find out on there computers that we’re related she asked. We will hop over the border and marry there and all we’ll need is our birth certificates and they won’t be able to check up on us.

They probably can’t read English anyway I answered. I’ll think on it and let you know she said. The next day Komal had another stroke and she passed away, I saw Priya at the hospital and she told me she would marry me. The day after the funeral we went over the border and to a smaller town not a city and married. I moved in with Priya and we started try for a child and after six months she got pregnant. Then the law firm completed the terms of the will and I and Priya inherited.

I had got use to being with Priya and I thinking about staying with her awhile longer. But she was first in saying She wanted me to stay longer and at least until after the birth of our baby boy Arun after her father. I said I would stay until you throw me out. She said Oh good your going to here until he passes out of university then. I replied As long as you let me in your bed. She smiled and said Your always welcome there.

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