The Sexual Awakening of Chitra

Their first meeting was innocuous, at an official get together hosted by Shuba’s husband Vijay’s company. The cocktail part was hosted in one of the city’s posh hotels and attended by several leading businessmen. For Shuba it was it was a very new experience. She was a small town girl, recently moved to Mumbai after her marriage to Vijay.

Shuba was a tall, willowy girl of 22 years. Unlike most Indian girls she was quite leggy & slim. Her dance practice (most traditional Indian girls are trained either in classical music or dance if not both — it improves their marriage prospects); and lucky genes had given her a slim, yet curvy figure. She carried firm 34 inch breasts on a slim tall frame of 5 feet 5inches — quite tall by Indian standards. For a south Indian, her complexion was quite fair and a flawless complexion was enhanced by beautiful dimples whenever she smiled. She certainly attracted a second or even a third look from anybody who met her.

She had just graduated the previous year in English literature & wanted to continue her studies to pursue journalism. Her conservative parents thought that graduation was sufficient to get a job as a school teacher — which was the limit of their professional vision for a daughter. Journalism & interaction with strange men was simply not acceptable for a girl! The search for a husband had begun even as she was in her final year of college. Vijay was the first boy who had come to “see her” after horoscope had matched. Like most young men, he was immediately smitten by her looks and the wedding was performed as per traditions.

Vijay was an engineer, who like most young Indians was working in a leading information technology. He had recently returned after a 6 month stint in the US and had started a new assignment in Mumbai. His company had allotted him a small bedroom flat in Worli seaface. Unlike his parents, Vijay considered himself quite modern and liberal. He wanted his new wife to have freedom and opportunity to pursue her own interests. They had agreed to defer starting a family for the next 5 years — to allow them to enjoy life and for Vijay to build his career. Obviously this secret was not shared with either parents — it would have led to strong protests and continuous pressure. No Indian marriage is considered complete until the couple presents the families with a grandchild.

Both Vijay and Chitra were virgins. Even today premarital sex is rare amongst Indians. Their initial attempts at sex were hesitant, and the couple was yet to become familiar with each other. For Vijay, sex was penetration followed by ejaculation. He enjoyed playing with Chitra’s breasts, which aroused her, but the lovemaking rarely lasted long. Once he began thrusting into her and got release, Vijay would rarely bother to see if Chitra had an orgasm. He would start sleeping within minutes. Chitra knew that as a dutiful wife, she had satisfied her husband and felt that she had done her duty — yet found herself vaguely unsatisfied. Living in a new city of Mumbai she had not yet found friends to confide or share her feelings. Talking about sex to parents is still taboo in Indian society!

The party had just begun. Vijay was introducing his new bride to colleagues & guests. Chitra was dressed in a purple saree and with her two inch heels, she made a fine par with the 6feet tall Vijay. Some of the young men looked wistfully, even jealously at Vijay. The reaction from the women varied. The older women were happy to see this slim & beautiful girl. The younger ladies were initially jealous, but soon found themselves at ease. Even if Chitra was a stunner in looks, it was obvious that she was not used to such gatherings. She appeared a bit self conscious and lacking in confidence — which perversely made the other younger ladies feel happy and pleased.

Amongst the persons she met that day was Ramji Rao — one of the city’s leading industrialists. Ramji was a short, pot bellied man of dark complexion. His physique could not hide an imposing personality — which he derived from a combination of brains, charm & good conduct. At 62 years of age Ramji Rao had achieved financial success beyond the dreams of most Indians. Although highly successful in his business ventures he was generally a social recluse. A widower for over 30 years, he had single handedly brought up his son & daughter; both of who were now settled in the USA. He had condescended to attend this party as the owner of Vijay’s company was an old childhood friend.

After a casual greeting to Vijay & Chitra, Ramji Rao slowly gravitated to his own circle. In all social parties, after the initial churning, people like water find their own level. Pamji Rao was mingling with the elite — read rich & influential among the crowd. Vijay & his age mates were in a group of their own, enjoying the free choice alcohol on offer. Segregation between the sexes happens automatically in India. The ladies had their own space. Although not as hierarchal as that of the males, here too subgroups had formed. Chitra as the newcomer was trying to be a part of a subgroup, without wanting to intrude. She spent the evening nodding her head politely at the conversation, smiling at the right places and trying to be a part of the group of ladies although she did not feel she belonged.

As always, the most important guests are the first to leave parties or functions. Ramji Rao was amongst the earliest. Everybody got up to see off the important — rich & powerful people. As he was leaving Ramji Rao was greeting everyone. He suddenly spotted Vijay & remarked — ‘ Congratulations on your wedding!” Chitra had come and stood by Vijay. It was at this point that Ramji Rao took a second look at this young girl. Suddenly he felt a strange emotion stir in his heart. It lasted but a fleeting moment. Ignoring & pushing aside the strange feeling, Ramji Rao went towards his car & soon went away. Chitra too was surprised. She could feel the power radiate from this man. Physically he was unimpressive, yet she had observed how everyone was literally lapping at his words, paying attention to his gestures and yet without seeking, the waiters were constantly hovering around him.

Like two ships which pass by the night, the story of Chitra and Ramji Rao would have ended here, but destiny willed otherwise. This is a love story with a difference. If readers wish, I will continue to share the saga that followed.


The second meeting of Chitra with Ramji was at a shopping mall. It was a few weeks before the festive season in India — Dushera — an event marked today by dancing. Chitra was alone and lonely. Vijay was away on a business visit. Time hanging heavy on her hands and feeling lonely in their small flat, Chitra sought out the comfort a sparkling new shopping arena. She had come intending to do some window shopping and while away a few hours. A keen student of literature and poetry, she was browsing some books in the huge bookshop.

To Ramji Rao, like many men, shopping was chore to be quickly dispensed with. However he too had a weakness for books. A bookshop was the only place he liked to aimlessly meander, picking up paperpacks, weighing heavy hard bound literature, classics and management books. An ardent reader with a wide spectrum of interest, Ramji Rao, whenever the opportunity arose, never missed a chance to enrich his vast library. His interests spanned poetry too, & it was here that the two literally ran into each other. Ramji Rao was reaching for a slim volume of modern poetry placed on the top shelf. Being a short man, he had to stretch on his toes to reach the book. His innate pride prevented him calling an attendant for help. Chitra was standing nearby turning pages in a book. Dressed in a bright green saree, she was totally engrossed in a book she had in her mouth. Suddenly her attention got distracted by the movements besides her. Looking on, she saw with the beginnings of a smile, the efforts of Rao to pick out a book, an effort that seemed beyond his reach.

” Good day, Mr.Rao”, said Chitra trying desperately to convert her amused smile to one of greetings. Ramji Rao suddenly became aware of the beautiful young lady standing next to him. Blessed with an excellent memory, he quickly responded, “Hello, Chitra, how are you? ” Outwardly cool, suddenly Ramji Rao could feel a strange emotion. Being an intelligent man who brooked no hypocrisy, he quickly recognized his feelings for what they were — lust! Lust for this young girl, who was several decades younger than him. A person of his stature & wealth had the experience of women trying to entice him all the time. He had never had felt attracted to anyone since his wife had died. Yet this girl seemed to evoke and rekindle a desire he had long forgotten.

A successful man, Ramji Rao maintained his outward composure and enquired about Vijay, Chitra’s husband. He learnt that Chitra was just doing window shopping to pass time. Chitra shly offered to pick out the book she had seen Ramji reaching for. A man of pride and vanity, Ramji would have been offended at this offer, but coming from Chitra he accepted, wishing to extend the time he was near her.

Even as she strove to pick the book, Ramji was observing her slim figure and soft contours. He was drinking her beauty, when he heard a small scream. Almost automatically he moved and just managed to catch Chitra and prevent her from falling as she lost her balance while reaching for the top shelf. In the process of stalling her fall, he held her tight and one hand was around a warm breast and the other on her bare waist. For an altogether brief moment Ramji had the pleasure of holding the young girl in a tight embrace. It took a moment for Chitra to recover. She tried to quickly rise to her feet. Ramji, to steady her, held her arm and assisted her. Chitra could feel the strength and firmness of his grip. It felt very strong and stangely exiting. Brushing her feelings aside she began to profusely apologise and thanked Ramji for preventing a nasty fall. Ramji was politeness personified and waved away her apologies. He did however take advantage of her feeling of gratitude to insist that they have a coffee stating it will help Chitra steady herself.

As the two sat in the cafeteria, each was silently taking a closer look at the other. Ramji, a mature man saw in front of him a very pretty young lady — for whom he realized he had developed feelings of lust and desire. He was honest not to try and analyze his emotions or reasons. He decided to allow events to unfold, accepting that he would love to spend more time with this young girl. Chitra saw an elderly man, old enough to be her father, but a man who radiated power. Ramji had the personality and carried the innate aura of a rich and powerful man. When he held her, Chitra could feel his physical strength, which belied his age. Chitra’s breast was still throbbing from the touch of Ramji’s hands and she felt the impression of his fingers on her waist. She wanted to quickly get away to be by herself, yet knew that it would be rude to refuse Ramji’s offer of coffee after he had helped her. When the waiter came to take the order, Ramji asked for coffee without sugar. Chitra was not a coffee drinker, and instead chose a milkshake. Ramji remarked that although he had a sweet tooth, his doctor had warned him against sugary drinks as he was diabetic. The two were enjoying their drinks, when Chitra caught Ramji looking longingly at her milkshake. She jokingly asked Ramji if he jealous and wanted to taste the milkshake. Ramji was very happy and quickly took the opportunity to sip a taste — trying to see if he could taste her lips on the straw, not the milkshake. When Chitra repeated her thanks to Ramji, he immediately asked her if she would help him select a dress for his granddaughter. He explained that he wanted to buy a new dress as a gift and had stopped at the bookshop as he never enjoyed shopping for clothes. Chitra was initially reluctant, but decided there was no harm in acceding to this request. It would she believed, offer a way to return the favor Ramji did when he saved her from falling.

They entered one of the biggest and most expensive ladies garment shops in the mall. Being a few weeks before the oncoming festival season, the racks were filled with an array of dazzling dresses. Like most men, Ramji considered shopping another business transaction to be done as quickly as possible. Chitra like all women was more specific and choosy. She questioned Ramji about the age, build, complexion and preferences of his granddaughter and then led him to the section which had the latest skirts/blouses — the traditional ghagra choli so popular during the season for the festive dances. Here too the obvious differences amongst the sexes came out quickly. Ramji picked out a few dresses, which were very traditional in color and cut. Chitra, knowing that Ramji’s choices would only invite scorn in a young girl, cleverly steered him to the more modern varieties. Suddenly one of the shopping attendants came forward. With an intention to help, she suggested that Chitra may like to try out the dresses selected to decide her purchase. Before Chitra could reply, Ramji agreed and requested the lady to assist Chitra in carrying the 4 dresses to the change room. Rather than protest and make a scene, chitra agreed.

It was only when she was inside the trial room, did Chitra notice her predicament. She was dressed in her saree and blouse and had to strip down to her lingerie to try the new garments. She realized that the blouse of the dresses she had selected had very deep cuts around the neck and shoulders.They were meant to be worn with strapless bras and there was no way she could come out of the trial room shop wearing these. Ramji was waiting & she asked him to call the attendant. When the lady came, Chitra explained the problem. There was an exchange of whispers. The lady explained to Chitra that these new dresses did not require a bra, as thick lining was already stitched into the dress. Not fully convinced, Chitra finally wore the dress and examined herself in the mirror. She was both pleased and unhappy with the result. The dress was very seductive and classy. The waist of the skirt was low and it had a matching blouse, with a deep neck that showed her cleavage and the swelling of her proud breasts. The saving grace was the dupatta or shawl, but this was a thin transparent piece of silk and did not do much to cover her charms. It was a dress meant to show off, seduce and attract. This was the first time Chitra was wearing such a costume. Like every girl, she too had dreamt of dressing sexily but never had the opportunity. Now she had a chance, but knew that it was not the right place and certainly not in front of the right person. She was wondering whether to refuse coming out, before she heard an impatient call from Ramji. There was a knock on the door of the trial room. Another person was waiting to try out their selection.Chitra took courage in her hands and stepped out. Ramji Rao was totally bowled over. He had to exercise all his control to stop his lust from showing. He tried, without being obvious to take a very good look at this beautiful girl. He saw her lush torso, the bare navel. Without appearing to stare, his eyes tried to drink in the image of her breasts, straining under the confines of her blouse. He searched to see if he could make out her nipples without making his intentions obvious. Moving down, he could see the curve of her hips, the narrow waist, and the slim arms which were almost bare till her shoulders.

Suddenly there was an announcement on the public address system. A bomb had exploded in the car park of the mall. Similar events had taken place in a nearby area. Terrorist attacks were suspected and everyone was warned and instructed to quickly exit the mall in an orderly fashion. Pandemonium broke out. There was a mad stampede. Ramji quickly held Chitra’s hand and began to guide her to the nearest exit. There was a huge crowd and in order to keep close to each other, Ramji kept a firm grip on Chitra’s hands. She too was in panic. In the midst of this melee, Ramji, quickly remembered something. He told Chitra to wait and that he would return in a few minutes. Chitra was pushed by the crowds and had to keep moving. Near the exits, policemen were stopping everyone and asking for an identity proof as they let them out. Chitra was stopped by a swarthy and lecherous policeman. Her handbag was in the trial room. She tried to explain, but the policeman decided to bully her and asked her to stay besides him, stating that he needed her proof of identity to release her. The policeman just saw a very pretty and sexily dressed young woman, a woman who was in a state of fear and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Chitra was almost in tears, begging the policeman to let her go, but he just, held her while allowing others to pass. Everyone was rushing to exit the danger zone and nobody bothered to ask the policeman why he was holding on to the lady.

Suddenly Ramji appeared at the gates. He had been searching for Chitra and unable to locate her inside, he too had come near the exit gate. “Chitra!” he shouted. Never had Chitra been so happy to hear her name called out. “I am here” she said. “Please help me.”. The policeman was not happy. When Ramji came, he immediately took hold of Chitra’s hand from the policeman. ” Who are you?” asked the policeman. Ramji quickly explained his identity and told the policeman that Chitra was with him. Although he was reluctant, the policeman too could sense the air of authority and command in Ramji. He decided not to push matters and said he had asked Chitra to stay back as she appeared to be alone and wanted to be sure she was safe. Not believing a word, Ramji smilingly thanked the policeman for his kindness and shepherded Chitra away.

The roads too were choked. Ramji quickly made a few calls. He asked Chitra where she lived. On hearing her reply, he told her that there was no way she could get back home, as the authorities had declared a curfew starting in one hour to clear the area and allow them to search for any other devices present in the area. Chitra was standing looking confused and helpless. Ramji quickly started walking to the roadside. He hailed several taxis, but most were occupied. Finally they were lucky to find one and Ramji instructed the driver. It was only then that he releases Chitra’s hand and placed the bag he was carrying on the seat of the cab.

” I want to go home” , sobbed Chitra; who was now in tears. Ramji, told her to calm down. He informed her that there was no way she could go home as the curfew time would start. He told her that they were going to his (Ramji’s house); and he would arrange a car to take her home as soon as movement was allowed.

Ramji’s house; luckily was close to the mall. It was one of the best residential buildings in the city. It was a tall tower of 25 apartments. Each floor had only one apartment and every residence had a view to the sea. The security at the gate would initially not allow the cab inside, until Ramji identified himself. The lobby was huge and they quickly ascended the lift to his penthouse on the top floor. As soon as they were inside, Ramji telephone his cook to come. The old lady had been with him for over 30 years. He explained the circumstances and asked her to make them some coffee. He also asked the cook to take Chitra to one of the guest rooms to freshen herself.

Chitra had just come out of the toilet when her phone rang. It was Vijay. Unaware of the developments in Mumbai, Vijay asked Chitra how she was. Suddenly Chitra was in a dilemma. She did not want to explain to Vijay that she was in Ramji’s house. The circumstances were too complex to explain on telephone and she was worried as to what Vijay may think. She just spoke about the events of the day. She cleverly omitted details and conveyed information about the bomb explosions and curfew in the city. She neither informed him that she was in Ramji’s house & nor did she say that she was at home. Successfully avoiding a lie and yet not telling the truth, she saved her conscience and told herself that this was the best way in the circumstances.

The cook came to inform Chitra that coffee was ready. By now Chitra had freshened and washed her face. She was feeling much better and the relief of having safely escaped both the mall and the policeman was evident. She was feeling relaxed after talking to Vijay and her face was literally glowing. The cook complimented Chitra on her beauty and she accepted the comment from the older lady in good grace. Ramji Rao had freshened and changed. His heart gave another jolt when he once again saw this beautiful young lady. The shared experience of the past few hours plus the authority Ramji displayed in dealing with the lecherous policeman had impressed Chitra. She too felt more comfortable in his presence. Like any female she could feel his eyes wandering across her body, but she did not feel any revulsion. On the contrary, perhaps because of the way he had extricated her from the policeman and the danger of the mall, she felt safe and protected in his presence. When the cook set the coffee tray down, she decided to make the coffee for both of them. She already knew Ramji did not take sugar and handed him his cup first before picking up her own. As she stirred her sugar into the coffee the two, while not exchanging words were busy thinking about each other.

The pot had been stirred!

Two persons, joined by circumstances, circumstances that seemed to be evolving into a shared destiny, sat sipping their coffee; each grappling with their own thoughts. Chitra was confused. It felt strange, a married woman sitting alone in an apartment with a stranger.

Yet Ramji did not feel a stranger to her. He was her savior and protector. She was not sure how this relationship was developing, and what she wanted out of it, and whether at all to continue.

Ramji was feeling very happy. Luck seemed to be favoring him. He now had the opportunity to nurture his relationship with Chitra. He was determined to go for broke. He was alone with Chitra and wanted to make best use of this opportunity to express his feelings.

To break the sudden silence they were caught in, Ramji got up and switched on the TV. The broadcast was mainly about the events of the day. A total of 4 bombs had exploded and several people had died. The police had found and defused another dozen bombs and the search for more explosives was ongoing. The whole city was tense and almost on the boil. Politicians’ speculations about a plot from across the border spread like wildfire. Suggestions that a religious community was involved led to a flare of communal tensions.

The government decided to calm the situation, imposing a dusk to dawn curfew, with the police given “shoot at sight” orders. Ramji was inwardly gloating with happiness. The curfew meant that Chitra would have to spend the night at his home. He had no intentions of forcing himself upon the girl, but he was certainly not going to forgo this chance to get closer to Chitra. He had accepted the feelings of lust & desire he had for Chitra.

Ramji’s attention was drawn to the TV when he heard a reference to his own locality. Live coverage showed the bomb squad defusing an explosive close to the building Ramji was living. Almost without thinking, Ramji called to Chitra and taking her by the hand drew her to the huge balcony of his apartment. He pointed her in the direction where the bomb was being defused. From the lofty heights of his apartment, a lot of lights could be seen and sirens were blaring. A small crowd had gathered and the police had a tough time keeping the spectators at bay. A few police dogs, presumably to sniff out hidden explosives were also present. The two stood close to each other trying to lean and peer from the balcony railing. Chitra, almost instinctively held on to Ramji and he too was happy to throw a protective arm around her. Suddenly they heard an explosion and bright lights. The distance muzzled the noise slightly, but the dazzling lights seemed to be like several firecrackers had been set off. Chitra gave a sudden shriek and snuggled closer to Ramji. He drew her into a tighter embrace and squeezed her to him, almost crushing her breasts to him. He protectively covered her back and patted the entire length of her back and shoulder, feeling the softness of her flesh and the contours of her form.

Chitra started sobbing. The strongest and wisest of men is always rendered helpless by a woman’s tears. Ramji did not know the reason behind Chitra’s tears or how he ought to react. He decided to play safe, not saying anything, but continued to hold and comfort her, patting her back. After a few minutes, Chitra stopped, and extricated herself from Ramji’s embrace.

Ramji apologized and asked her to forgive him, if he had done anything wrong. Unknowingly he had said the right words. Profusely apologizing, Chitra came nearer and took Ramji’s hand in her own. She stated that she felt sad and was just crying about the senseless violence and loss of lives. She added that she was scared that she would not be able to go back home. Ramji assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of; and given the circumstances, he considered himself fortunate that he could help her. He told her that she was safe and should feel comfortable to stay the night.

In order to divert her mind, Ramji, then led Chitra inside. They sat beside each other on the sofa and he changed the channel to some music. He called his cook and asked her to prepare dinner. The cook, seeing Chitra asked him he had any particular items in mind. Ramji glanced at chitra and seeing no reaction asked the cook to prepare a light dinner of soup and salad.

Ramji then invited Chitra to change into something comfortable for the night. Chitra blushed and reminded him that she was not at home. Ramji then gently led Chitra to a gigantic walk in wardrobe. He opened a door and told her that she could choose any night dress from his late wife’s wardrobe. In amazement she asked him if he had still retained all his late wife’s dresses. Ramji replied that he had given most of the clothes to charity & his daughter had taken a few dresses. He explained that the dresses still remaining were those he had retained for sentimental reasons.

Chitra objected saying that she would not wear any of the dresses since she did not want to hurt his feelings. Ramji quickly reacted. He gently lifted Chitra’s chin and looked into her eyes. Chitra was taken by surprise. Her initial reaction was to pull away; but her body refused to react. She looked up and met Ramji’s eyes. She could see in Ramji’s eyes, desire and yet it seemed more than desire. For a minute she herself felt lost and carried away. Slowly her eyes drooped, unable to meet his, and yet she remained silent, standing quiet.

Chitra’s body felt warm, and her legs were trembling, but she knew it was not fear. The silence lasted almost a minute. Speaking in a soft yet commanding tone Ramji told Chitra that he would feel honored if she wore the dress he had selected. He went on to say that he wanted Chitra to be comfortable and said that she may like to freshen up and change. Ramji then turned away and left the room.

Chitra felt like having stepped into a fairy tale or in today’s context a Bollywood movie. Every piece of furniture was exquisite and she almost felt afraid to touch anything. She slowly scanned the huge chamber, the sprawling bed tastefully covered with a decorated bedspread, the flat screen TV opposite the bed, two sofas into which a human being could disappear, fancy paintings and artistic decorations.

The bathroom was almost as large as her sitting room with a built in Jacuzzi, and a huge bathtub. Chitra immediately decided to take a nice shower and was feeling relaxed as she wiped herself in the softest and fluffiest towels she had ever seen. Although the bedroom had a huge dressing table, Chitra found no cosmetics — obviously the room had not been occupied for some time. She picked up and wore the night dress left for her.

After donning the garment, like any woman Chutra strode towards a mirror. Not having a comb or any accessories, she just patted her hair in place in front of the large mirror. Peering into the mirror, she felt satisfied as she inspected her face. Only when her eyes moved lower, did she gasp. He soft breasts were straining at the dress and suddenly she felt her nipples stand erect under the dress. Chitra had removed her bra at the shopping mall while trying a new dress. She crossed her arms across her chest and went to the living room.

Ramji was sitting on a plush sofa, sipping his favorite scotch on the rocks. He rose and greeted Chitra, who self consciously sat on a different sofa. He offered her a soft drink. Chitra was immediately relieved as she feared that Ramji would try to ply her with alcohol. Although she felt attracted and safe, at the corner of her mind, she had some doubts regarding his intentions.

They started conversing about Chitra’s childhood and how she was enjoying life in a big city. A man of experience, Ramji cleverly allowed Chitra to relax as she spoke. He continued the conversation by asking her how she felt married life compared to her student days. Chitra too began to open up to this new friend and vented her feelings including the loneliness she endured, as Vijay was frequently travelling and she had no friend to share her boredom. Ramji then volunteered to be her friend and asked her to call him whenever she wanted.

Chitra suddenly became silent. Ramji waited patiently, knowing not to interrupt her thoughts. After a few minutes, Chitra in a serious tone asked Ramji what he meant and what his intentions were.

It was decision time for Ramji. He could gloss over her question with an evasive reply or tell her an unconvincing lie. However, he decided to use the best tactic. As a man of the world, and a very successful entrepreneur, he had found that the truth, stated politely and kindly works much better than a clever tale.

Ramji spoke about his life, the death of his beloved wife, bringing up his daughter as an only parent, and the loneliness in his life. He explained that he had decided not to remarry as he was not sure how his daughter would react. He concluded by admitting his fondness for Chitra, adding that she was the first woman after his wife that he felt desire for. He asked Chitra to forgive him if he had hurt her feelings and would understand if she felt offended by what he had said.

Chitra was perplexed. She felt a surge of pride that Ramji , who had kept away from women in the past, could not control his desire for her. She also admired his honesty. She had seen the respect and power Ramji commanded in society and the manner with which he had imperiously commanded the policeman outside the mall. Yet she could feel the plea in his voice as he spoke to her.

Conflicting and confusing emotions swept over Chitra. She suddenly felt attractive, powerful and maternal. She wanted to comfort Ramji and yet was afraid whether her marriage was in danger. Ramji, meanwhile had moved next to Chitra and taking her hand in his, softly raised her face and looked into her eyes.

Chitra met his gaze for a moment and then shyly looked down. She told him in a soft voice that she was a married woman and could not spoil her reputation nor destroy her marriage. Ramji then promised to keep their relationship secret and promised that it would never damage her marriage. Chitra, still feeling unsure, responded that she was afraid.

Inwardly Ramji was sensing victory; at least she had not declined or reacted violently. All he had to do now was to coax her and allow her to relax. Comforting & reassuring her, he kept telling Chitra how fortunate he considered himself to have met her. He felt the moment was right and drawing her close to him, he began stroking her shoulders and patting her back.

Chitra did not resist, neither did she move closer. Ramji was patient. He did not tighten the embrace as he did not want her to feel forced or threatened. He continued to caress her softly with one hand while holding her hand in another. Ramji slowly rubbed her shoulder and back. He moved his hand to her head and slowly moved his fingers in her hair and massaged her scalp.

Chitra felt her body respond to the gentle touch. Without realizing she moved closer. Ramji continued to move his hand along her hair, and slowly touched her ears and the back of her neck. His other hand moved to her face and he slowly caressed her cheeks, chin and neck. He lifted her face to his own, but Chitra shyly looked down.

Ramji then slowly moved his face forward and lightly kissed her quivering lips. Again he felt no response, but there was no resistance either. He decided to continue showering light kisses all over Chitra’s face, on her eyes, the tip of her nose, her ears, cheeks, neck and chin before returning to her lips. This time he slowly tried to insert his tongue into her lips.

Chitra’s lips parted and soon the two were locked into a kiss. All along Ramji was careful to hold Chitra close, but not tight. He slowly moved his hand to her waist and along the curve of her hips. Encountering no resistance, his hand continued to move over the length of her body and curved around her soft breast. Ramji’s hands were shivering as he slowly felt her soft globes and soon his finger was rubbing her erect nipples. Chitra was also lost in passion and she pressed tighter against him. Her hands were around his head and she too was running her fingers through Ramji’s hair.

Slowly Ramji slipped his hands inside her dress and began to gently unbutton the night dress. As the buttons fell open, the dress parted. Ramji ran his hands over Chitra’s breasts, squeezing, moulding the globes and gently tugging at the erect nipples. He bent down to kiss one nipple. Chitra pulled him to her breast and held him tight. Ramji began softly sucking as he kept switching from one breast to the other.

Both lovers were excited and caught in the thrall of passion. Ramji, even as he kept one hand on Chitra, extricated the other and strove to remove his clothes. He was unwilling to release Chitra’s nipple from his lips, nor remove his hands from her body. As he awkwardly struggled, Chitra took pity on him and with her own hand unzipped his trousers and loosened his belt. She felt him and moved a hand to touch his erect cock as it rubbed against her body. It felt like as though she was feeling a living steel rod — the cock was rock hard and yet she could feel the energy and life flow from it. It was much bigger than Vijay’s and she was worried whether it would be too big and hurt her.

Chitra gracefully slipped out of her night dress and she helped him remove her panties by raising her hips as Ramji drew them down her legs and tossed them on the floor. Ramji vowed his love and promised Chitra that he would never do anything to harm or cause her pain. He slipped a hand between her creamy thighs, explored her pussy and felt the wetness of her passion. He slowly stroked her thighs and rubbed his fingers around her clitoris.

Ramji gently laid Chitra on the sofa and placing his cock at the pink velvety entrance slowly began to push forward. He moved slowly, not wanting to spoil the moment by causing any pain. He kept moving back and forth, not pushing forward with force. Chitra was getting more and more aroused and whimpering in passion. As he could feel her excitement Ramji continued and soon he was deep in her. He kept his piston like movement slow and steady. He wanted this moment to last forever.

The passion built up into a shuddering climax as Ramji could feel her vaginal muscles tightening. Chitra let out a small squeal of unalloyed joy and pleasure as Ramji felt his seed shooting up her womb. Chitra’s secretions drenched Ramji, and the two exhausted lovers relaxed in each other’s arms.

Although the room was air conditioned, both were drenched in the sweet sweat of sex. Ramji bent to her face, flicked his tongue and licked her ear. Chitra giggled and her pink tongue shot out to capture a drop of sweat from the tip of Ramji’s nose. She naughtily showed him her tongue and slowly rolled the ball of moisture into her warm mouth. They lay there in each other’s arms knowing they had crossed a threshold and entered new territory.

Ramji’s eyes were closed and he seemed asleep. Chitra, like most females, was more energetic after lovemaking. She saw him lying by her side and slowly moved closer. She drew Ramji to her and hugged him. Ramji rested his head on her breast and almost instinctively searched for her nipple. Chitra knew what he wanted and fed a nipple into his mouth and as he was sucking, she patted his head and made soft comforting sounds like a mother would soothe her baby

In a few moments Ramji’s sucking stopped, but his lips were still glued to her nipple, even as he dozed. Chitra smiled and fondly looking at him, yet careful not to disturb him, planted a kiss on his forehead.

Chitra was lost in contemplation. She had found love, but was married to another man. Suddenly the physical & emotional energy expended in the passionate encounter caught up with her and she too fell asleep, keeping a firm grip on Ramji’s head. Now even if he wanted to turn his head, Chitra’s hand gripped him firmly to her breast!

To be continued 

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