The testy milk of my mother Part 2

My biggest fantasy even more than fucking Mom was getting a foot job by Mom, so being creative and ambitious, I lifted up both her feet and slid my cock between them.

She purred, “This is new.”

I slowly pumped my cock between her sheer stocking-clad feet, the feeling as amazing as I’d always imagined it would be.

Shannon had given me foot jobs in a theatre, on a bus and under the table at dinner with her parents (I came on her feet while her dad was asking about my college plans), but this time I was in control, and this time there were nylons.

I was fucking Mom’s feet.

I was holding her silky-clad ankles.

Thank God I’d already come in her mouth or this sleek experience would have been very short-lived.

I foot fucked myself on her feet for a couple of minutes, the entire time also gliding my hands up and down her oh-so-smooth ankles and calves… these were not the cheap nylons Shannon wore… no, these were sheer luxurious silk, and what a difference they made. I would definitely be finding a way to buy Shannon better stockings ASAP.

I would have fucked these feet all night if I could but Mom demanded, “Enough foot fun time. You can come all over my feet when you’re done if you want. But right now I need to be fucked… hard.”

Who could refuse such a demand?

No son ever!!!

Plus, I’d never come on a pair of nylon-clad feet before, but the idea was suddenly very appealing.

I lowered her feet back to the carpet, unwrapped her ass and waist, all that now remained unwrapped was her chest and head area, as I positioned my cock at her inviting pussy… I paused, not second guessing what I was about to do, but rather admiring her body and savouring this moment that could only ever come once (I mean even if she didn’t freak out and kill me when she eventually discovered it was me fucking her, this was likely a one-time thing and I wanted to enjoy and revel in every moment of it).

“Shove that fucking cock in my cunt right now, dammit,” she demanded with an urgency that Shannon also often displayed when I teased her before fucking her.

Yet I used all my will power to tease her first. I wanted her on the brink of complete desperate mania before I plunged inside her wet cunt. So I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips, refusing to enter.

“Stop teasing me,” she whined, actually moving her ass back, trying to get my cock in her.

My need was finally too much and I obliged her desperate desire and slid my entire cock in her pussy, going balls deep in one firm thrust.

“Mother fucker!” she screamed, which froze me deep inside her hot box.

Did she know it was me?

Or was that just something she said in the heat of the moment?

I was now, officially, a mother fucker. A club I imagined many sons would love to join.

My confusion continued as she begged, “Now fuck Mommy hard, pound her tight cunt with that huge fucking dick.”

Mommy? Again she seemed to know… although she could just be doing some kinky role playing.

Any remaining doubt was banished when she repeated the demand, but used my name, “Devon, you’d better start fucking your Mommy right now with that big dick of yours.”

I finally spoke for the first time this entire time, even as I processed she did know it was me and was not only okay with it, but was demanding me to fuck her. “You sure, Mom?”

“Don’t I sound sure?” she questioned, wiggling her ass on me. “How’s this then? Mommy needs your dick in her right this fucking second and I want you to fuck my brains out!”

I can’t believe this! She wants me as badly as I want her! Suddenly filled with confidence, I asked, taking control a bit, as I pulled out of her, “You want your son to fuck you, Mom? The boy you nursed as a baby? The fruit of your womb? The horny son who always has to adjust himself every time he sees you in those hot silk stockings? The pervert who’s jacked off longing to fuck his Mommy more times than he can count?”

I again rubbed her pussy lips, wanting to drive her nuts, to hear her beg for it some more.

“Yes! Hell yes! I wish you’d told me, I’ve wanted your big cock forever!” she answered, one shock leading to another shock.

“When did you see my big cock?” I asked, tapping my cock on her pussy lips.

“When Shannon was blowing you a couple months ago,” she answered. “But I was fantasising about fucking you long before that.”

“Ooooh,” I said, having thought I’d gotten away with that. I unwrapped the rest of my Mom as now that this was no longer a secret, I couldn’t wait to see her entire body and especially her beautiful face wanting me.

“Oh yeah, Shannon is a great cock sucker,” Mom said, the only wrapping left covering her face.

“You’re a pretty good cock sucker too,” I complimented, as I slid my entire cock in her from behind as I reached to take off the last bit of paper.

“How would you know?” she moaned, as I finally filled her. She looked back at me with lust and playfulness on her face as the wrapping came off and finished, “I didn’t have any chance to suck your cock; you face fucked your mother.”

“Well you took my cock pretty naturally,” I smiled.

“Does this feel natural too?” she asked, as she began bouncing back on my cock.

“Like I was born for this,” I moaned, as I felt her begin fucking herself on my cock.

“Mommy needs a live-in boy toy to satisfy her twenty-four seven,” Mom moaned.

“What about dad?” I asked, feeling sudden guilt as I realized I was betraying him… somehow his probable take on this not popping into my head until now… lust overriding familial respect.

“Truth?” she asked, stopping with her ass resting against me.

“Yeah,” I nodded, her sudden shift of tone from sexual to serious startling me… even though my cock was buried in her pussy and was still thrilled to be there.

“Your dad is bi,” Mom revealed.

“No way!” I gasped, the idea just not possible.

“Yeah, that’s why if you look on the table you’ll see a special toy,” Mom said, pointing to the coffee table.

I turned and looked and saw a strap-on cock and lube. Each was wearing a Christmas ribbon.

She continued, “I planned to fuck him tonight for the first time.”

“No way!” I repeated.

“Yeah, I was trying to rekindle our sex life,” she admitted. “It’s been rather dead for months.”

“How do you know he’s bi?” I asked, still processing this.

“From watching him suck cock,” she answered, before smiling wickedly, “he didn’t know I was home and especially didn’t know I was watching from the bedroom closet; he’s pretty good at it.”

“This is definitely too much information,” I said.

She added, “But when I got your dad’s text that the roads were closed and he wasn’t coming home, I assumed you would be turned back from your own sure thing booty call and would have to turn around.”

“No way,” I said, as I realized she had planned this. She wasn’t dad’s Christmas present, she was mine!

“Do you like your Christmas present?” Mom asked, demurely, slowly fucking herself on my cock.

“I was hoping for a new iPad,” I joked.

“I can never give you enough,” she said, shaking her head, before adding, “now let’s make you a mother fucker,” she laughed, “it’s not official until we both cum!” as she resumed bouncing on my cock.

“Oh God, Mom,” I groaned. “I can’t believe any of this.”

“That dad sucks cock or that tonight I’m your three-hole Mommy slut?” she asked, not stopping bouncing on my cock.

“All of it,” I said, even as I processed her latest reveal… three-hole Mommy slut? I couldn’t even breathe for a moment, but my mouth said, Wow!

“Merry Christmas, son,” she grinned, filled with holiday cheer plus my big dick as she really bounced back on me.

“And a Happy New Year,” I responded, hinting at my desire for this to be more than a one night thing.

“Oh yes,” she moaned, as she moved off my cock, turned around and said, “Your Mom is going to expect a lot of Mom-son bonding time from now on. There’ll be Groundhog Day, which is all about going in and out of holes; and Valentine’s Day of course; Discovery Day, maybe you’ll be up for fucking your dad by then after I lube him up; you’d better do a good job on me on Labour Day; Thanksgiving of course; then next Christmas for our first fucking anniversary! And every day in between!”

“I usually have a few loads a day available,” I said, as she took my cock in her mouth.

After a few bobs, as she sucked her own juices off my cock, “I claim at least three of them a day.”

“Only three?” I asked as I stood up, lifted her up in the air and lowered her onto me.

“No, at least three. Oh yes, you big boy,” she moaned as I slid deep inside her, wrapping her legs and arms around me and kissing me passionately, now moaning into my mouth and wrapping her tongue around mine.

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