Vinay got trained

My cousin is the strong silence type rarely talks, but never takes a backward step. Last year at the wedding of sister Komal, his sister Vibha was there with her husband Jatin and Jatin became angry and started to abuse Vibha. But then he slapped her and Vinay came out saw it happen and laid out Jatin with one punch. Later on after Jatin had recovered, he told Vibha that he will finish it at home and Vinay took Jatin outside and had a talk with him and Jatin went white as a sheet.

Jatin hasn’t laid a hand on Vibha since and is getting help with his temper. Vinay 21 is the youngest sibling his family and works on the family farm. His father passed away when he was 12 and Vinay runs the farm for his mother Deeksha and his Gran Priya. He was never good at school and left at 15. He can read and write and do basic maths, but on the farm he chops wood for old range that heat their hot water and cooks their meals.

Over the years Vinay got as strong as a bull my father says and was taught to fight by his late grandfather. I’m Kathy 20 single and after my family moved to the city for work I stayed behind and went to live with great aunt Priya 69 and aunt Deeksha 50 on their farm. You wouldn’t know that Vinay lived there, if you didn’t see him. He’s so quiet, but a raging bull when riled. There a pond out back of the barn, man made by the family long time ago. Vinay was in town with Priya and Deeksha getting some things.

I was out by the pond and it was a hot day so I decided to go for a swim, not wanting walk all the way back to the house. I stripped off and went in naked and didn’t hear them return home. Then I saw Vinay standing at the pond looking at me, I got shock at first and asked him to turn his back so I could get out. Which he did I got out and dressed and he told me lunch was ready and we walked back to the house.

I was expecting him to tell the others of me swimming naked. But he didn’t say anything about it, the next day I went into town and was gone for hours on returning, I parked my car and saw Priya and asked where was everyone. She said They are probably over at the barn or down by the creek. After putting away my things I went for a walk and entered the barn and at the back of the was Vinay and Deeksha fucking.

I shocked at first, but couldn’t take my eyes off them. I stood behind a post watching them, as they finished I sneaked back outside. I returned to the house, not saying thing to Priya. a little later Deeksha entered the house and had straw in her hair and caught on her dress. Priya picked out the straw and said You been shifting hay bales or sleeping on them. I nearly burst out laughing, I manage hold it in.

The next time I saw Vinay he was down in the creek pasture and I walking passed, when Priya asked me Had I seen Vinay. I replied He’s in the creek pasture and she headed off that way. I decided to go and see what was happening and as I was down the outside of the rail fence. I could see Priya had met up with Vinay, then she grabbed his cock thru his pants and they started to get it on.

I stayed at the fence watching Vinay fuck his grandmother and after they were finished they returned to the house together. It was a couple of nights later I heard talking when I was in my room and on checking I saw the 3 of them in Priya’s room naked together and they were having sex together.

I returned to my room and started to play with myself and a short time later Deeksha came in and got into bed with me. She started to kiss and feel me up and then went down on me. Soon I was coming and then she sat on my face so I could lick her pussy. She had cum drip from it and as I licked it up, Priya led Vinay in and joined us in the bed. Soon Vinay was fucking me and I had my tits being sucked by both Priya and Deeksha.

Next morning they told to go to the barn and see Vinay if I wanted another fucking before breakfast. I was only wearing a nightgown and nothing, but I did want another fucking. So I went to the barn, Vinay was loading seed onto the tractor trailer and I just open up my nightgown and he stopped. He took me to the hay bale and fucked hard. I’m now sleeping with Vinay every night and we have foursomes on a regular basis. Vinay is a great lover and he was trained very well by Priya and Deeksha.

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